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Dominica:  Pioneers, Quote re: Pioneers Travel Teachers,  Quote re: travel teachers and Events:  1959 to 1983

Compiled by Patricia Paccassi as of 1988; revised 1991 &  October 1994, July 2011, September 2012

KEY: PIO = Pioneer


Note: Data in parenthesis [   ] is my reference source for the data:  see source page for details SOURCES


PIO: 1966: 17 April to May 1971 (one report: Ellards leave in 1970?) Ivor Ellard, to Roseau from UK via USA. [AF/01.a]

PIO: 1966: 19 April to April 1967: William Nedden Bill Nedden to Marigot from USA, then in 1967 to Barbuda. [AF/01.a]

PIO: 1967: March; Anna, Ellard_Anna_first_pioneer_family originally from Finland, and Ivor Ellard  Ellard_Ivor_first_pioneer_family from UK. [NL/03.j]

PIO: 1972: November to June 1973; Caroline & Arthur Murphy from USA. [AF/01.a]

PIO: 1975: September to November 1975; Herbert and Sally Gilbert from USA  [AF/01.a:23.a]

PIO: 1976: March to October 1977; Frank and Patricia Paccassi Pat and Frank in  BDS and daughter, Judith,  Judy and Connie DOM

(seen with Connie Didier on right) from USA, via St. Thomas and Barbados. In October 1977 to St. Lucia.

PIO: 1976: November 10 to present (1992); Albert Segen  Al Segen Dominica & sister Edith JohnsonEdith Johnson DOM

to Roseau from USA [AF/23.a][BNWI/6]


PIO: 1977: March-September 1979; Katherine "Junie" Faily Junie Silver DOM from USA, via Grenada.  [AF/23.2:DG/30.a]

PIO: 1980: August-September 1984; Dr. Heshmatoullah Ta'eed Taeeds DOM from UK. Mrs Ta’eed joins him

 in April 1981 [AF/23.a:20][ej/sum]

PIO: 1980: December-July 1984: Brian & Katherine Williams & 2 children  from USA. Williams_Family_pioneers [AF/23.a] [PF/25:alp] _________________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1981: June-1983; Miss Maryam Ta'eed  Ta'eed_Maryam_pioneer from UK. [PF/25:alp]

PIO: 1981: 28 July; Dr. Mark & Allison Vaccaro Allison & Mark Vaccaro DOM from USA. [PF/25:alp] _________________________________________________________________________________

  1981 Pioneers by the roadside  

1981 Pioneers by the roadside

L to R: Dr. Mark Vaccaro, Dr. Heshmat Ta’eed, Dr. Khosrow Nafisi, Nosrat Ta’eed, Edith Segen Johnson

Dominica 1981

All were pioneers to Dominica with the exception of Dr. Nafisi who was a traveling teacher.




PIO: 1982: April-October; Nancy Thomas  Thomas_Nancy_pioneer from USA. [AF/23.a:20]

PIO: 1982: July - August 1983; Clive & Gillian Tully and two children Tully_Family_pioneers from UK. [PF/25:alp] [PF/25-0.4C].

PIO: 1982: July-May 1984; Steve Hilyard   of the US Peace Corps.  Hilyard_Steve_pioneer[PF/25:alp]

PIO: 1982: October; Kenneth Dill of Jamaica, with wife Mona George-Dill .Dill_Ken_pioneer_and_George_Dill_Mona_early_believer [PF/25:alp]

PIO: 1982: October; Dr. Philip & Sandra Cooles and two daughters from UK  Cooles_Family_pioneers. [PF/25:alp]

PIO: 1982: October-1983: John John Khobloch STL & Margaret Knobloch, Margaret Khobloch  2  STL and two daughters,

then to St. Lucia & then to US. [PF/25:alp]




Compiled by Patricia Paccassi as of 1988; revised 1991 & October 1994, July 2011

KEY:   TT :=travel teacher from outside the national area;      TTL: = West Indian travel teacher;

TTP:=travel teacher and pioneer from within the national area;

HND:=Hand of the Cause of God;

CBC:=member of the Continental Board of Counsellors; ABM:=Auxiliary Board Member;

NSA:=member of a national spiritual assembly.


TTP: 1959: 5-7 May; Don Corbin of USA, from Grenada.[PF/25:alp] ______________________________________________________________________________________

TTP: 1965: September; for one week, Melvin Barber, explore for new post from St. Thomas. [NL/03.d] ______________________________________________________________________________________

TTS: 1966: summer; Joel Noyes and Bob Cronin. [PF/25-ALP]

TTP: 1966: September; Katherine Meyer from St. Thomas. [NL/03.h,i]

TTL: 1968: Early; Jeffery Lewis on way back from NSA meeting. [NL/21.f]

TTP: 1968: Early; Ron Lucero from St. Croix. [NL/21.f]

TT : 1968: March; Maxine Lewis Frenwick from USA. [PF/25-ALP]

TT : 1969: Early; Bill Nedden's Mother, Marjorie Nedden from USA  [NL/21.L]

TTP: 1969: 17 July-3 August; Patricia & Judith Paccassi from St. Thomas, go to Roseau & Marigot Bay. [NL/21.N]

TT : 1969: late; for 6 weeks (tentative) Baumgartner Family from Alaska. [NL/21]. ______________________________________________________________________________________

TT : 1970: March; Mr and Mrs. Tom Baumgartner & Eskimo daughter Becky from Alaska. [NL/21.Q]

HND: 1970: May/June; 'Amatu’l-Baha Ruhiyyih Khanum.  [NL/21.R;   NL/21.S]



   Amatu'l-Baha Ruhi­yyih  Khanum (1910-2000) Appointed  a Hand of the Cause of God by Shoghi Effendi 26 March  1952




1970 Visit of Hand of the Cause of God Amatu’l-Baha Ruhiyyih Khanum to Dominica

Hand of the Cause of God Amatu’l-Baha Ruhiyyih Khanum with the Ellards – the first pioneers to Dominica

Front Row L to R: Satu Ellard, Hand of the Cause of God Amatu’l-Baha Ruhiyyih Khanum

Second Row L to R: Ivor Ellard, Frank Farnum, Anna Ellard, Violette Nakhjavani

Goodwill, Roseau, Dominica May 1970



TTL: 1970: May; Frank Farnum Frank_Farnum en route home to Barbados from USA. [PF/25-ALP]

HND: 1970: 29-31 May; Ruhiyyih Khanum & Violet Nakjavani. 1981_Convention_Hand_Rabbani_and_Violet_Nakjanvani [21/s] [PF/25-0.4G] ___________________________________________________________________________________________

ABM: 1974: August; for 8 days, Shirley Yarbrough from Barbados.  [23/a]

TT : 1974: July; for 2 weeks, Errol Errol_Sealy & Laurie Sealy Laurie_Sealy from Barbados. [23/a]

ABM: 1974: 13-14 December; Shirley Yarbrough from Barbados. [7]




ABM: 1975: Summer; teaching team: Shirley Yarbrough, 9th left from Barbados, Anthony Providence, 10th. from left,

from St. Vincent; Connie Didier, 8th. from left, and Mona  George from left, 15th from left of Dominica; and

Erith  Elcock, 12th. from left  Yvette Clarke 13th. from left, and Patricia Paccassi, 11th from left from Barbados.


CBC: 1975: 26/27 December; Paul Lucas CBC_Paul_Lucas from Mexico. [BNWI/25,26]

ABM: 1975: 27 December; Shirley Yarbrough Shirley_Yarbroug_BDS from Barbados. [BNWI/25,26]

TTL: 1975: December; Eve Johnson & daughters Roberta & Simone from Barbados. [BNWI/26] _____________________________________________________________________________________________

CBC: 1976: January; Paul Lucas from Mexico.

TTL & ABM 1976; December; Eve Fernandez  Eve_Johnson & daughter, Shirley Yarbrough [7]

TT : 1976: May?; Ida McCray,Ida_Mc_Cray  from Grenada. [BNWI/30]

TT : 1976: 13-23 September; Bob Hanevold from Guadeloupe. [AF/23.a] [BNWI/31]

TTP: 1976: October; Shamsi Sedaghat Shamsi_Sedghat from Trinidad. [AF.23.a] [BNWI/32]

TT : 1976: 15-19 December; Meherangiz Munsiff  Merherangiz_Munsiff from UK. [AF/23.a][BNWI/32] (Photo courtesy Baha’

ABM: 1976: 15-19 December; Yvette Clarke Yvette_Clarke from Barbados with Meherangiz Munsiff. [PF/25:alp]


TT : 1977: February; for 1 week, Sarah Jane Lee  Sara_Jane_Lee from USA. [AF/23.a]

TT : 1977: March; Junie Faily Silver  from USA. [AF/23.2]

HND: 1977: March; for few days; Enoch Olinga & wife Elizabeth from Uganda. [AF/23.a] [24/M134] A 


Enoch Olinga (1926-1979) Appointed by Shoghi Effendi in final Contingent of  Hands in October 1957


1977 Visit of Hand of the Cause of God Enoch Olinga to Dominica

Hand of the Cause of God Enoch Olinga presenting Baha’i books to Mr. H. Christian, Deputy Premier of Dominica

Roseau, Dominica  March 22, 1977



TTS: 1977: June; for 2 months, Aruna Raniga from Canada, Muhammad  Zarghemi, Hamid  Sadrzadeh from USA [PF/25-0.11]

CBC: 1977: Mid; Hedi Ahmadiyyih  Hedi_Ahmadiyyih [BNWI/34]

TTL/P 1977: July/August; for 2 weeks ; Errol & Laurie Sealy from Barbados.

TTL: 1977: Summer; Sarrita Chadderton Saraita_Chatterton  from Barbados. details [BNWI/36]

CBC: 1977: Late. Rowland Estall. Rowland_Estall [BNWI/38]

TTP: 1977: December; Emily Kramer Emily_Kramer_ 2_STL along with Leroy Wharton Leyroy_Wharton & Sarrita Chadderton  from Barbados,Saraita_Chatterton

Report.[BNWI/15] Semi-annual Stat Report to be checked to see if CBC: Hedi Ahmadiyyih was here at this time. NTC report does not say if 1977 or 1978, but Hedi Ahmadiyyih was in St. Lucia in December 1977.

TT : 1978: May-July; Bill Lemmon from USA. [AF/23.a]

TTL: 1978: ??; Anthony 'Don' Providence, from St. Vincent, Don_Providence for several weeks. [PF/25-0.4dntc]

TT : 1978: June; for 2 weeks, Ken Bowers from USA. [AF/23.a]

TT : 1978: July; for 2 weeks, Joyce Atkins from Trinidad. [AF/23.a]

TT : 1978: July; for 1 week, Karen Lindley from USA. [Af/23.a]

TTP: 1978: July; for 2 weeks, Tom Millington  Tom_Millington_2from St. Thomas and USA. [Af/23.a]

TT : 1978: April; Bill Lemmon from Canada. [PF/25-0.11]

TT : 1978: June; Dr. Jane Faily from USA. [PF/25-ALP]

TT : 1978: August; for 1-week; Sheila Burris from Tobago. [Af/23.a]

TT : 1978: September; for 2 weeks, Loraine Applebaum from USA. [Af/23.a]

TT : 1978: November-December; for 1 month, Gerrie Wynen from Canada. [Af/23.a] [PF/25-0.11]


TTP: 1979: December 1978 to May; Eva Statz, Eva_Statz_2_St_Vin from St. Vincent and Canada [Af/23.a]

TT: 1979: 21 Jan.-2 Feb.; Jennifre Dewar

TT : 1979: 6-8 February; Louise Mathais from USA staying in Grenada, daughter of HND of God, Dorothy Baker. [Af/23.a]

TTL: 1979:27-28 February; Dr. Harry Collymore from Trinidad. [7/e-f]

NSA: 1979: 27-28 February;  Jennifer Dewar from Guyana. [7/e-f]

TTP: 1979: September; for several days: Mrs. Hushniyyih Bahá'í,  Mama_Bahai_GSP_in_STL from Guadeloupe, to assist with relief efforts after Hurricane David. [PF/25:alp]

TT : 1980: January; for 4 months, Arthur Irwin Arthur_Irwin_St_Luciafrom Canada. [Af/23.a]

TT : 1980: February; for 3 months, Lily Ann Irwin, wife of Arthur Irwin. [Af/23.a]

HND: 1980: 17-22 March; John & Audrey Robarts [PF/25:alp] 


John Aldham Robarts (1901-1991) Appointed by Shoghi Effendi  in final Contingent of Hands in October 1957


1980 Visit of Hand of the Cause of God John Robarts to Dominica 1

Hand of the Cause of God John Robarts visits Soufriere

Adults L to R: Leo Grell, Daniel Firman, Rhoda Bethelmie, David Tavernier, Henry Francis, Matthew Andrew, Audrey Robarts, Hand of the Cause of God John Robarts

Soufriere, Dominica March 1980



1980 Visit of Hand of the Cause of God John Robarts to Dominica 2

Hand of the Cause of God John Robarts visits Salybia in the Carib Territory on the occasion of the election of the 1st all Carib Local Spiritual Assembly in Dominica

First Row L to R: Catherine Charles, Monita Frederick, Audrey Robarts, Hand of the Cause of God John Robarts, Noeline Sanford

Second Row L to R: Albert Segen, unknown woman, Edrick Auguiste, Octavia Tyson, Maudrey Tyson, Francois Barrie

Salybia Government School Carib Territory,Dominica

March 17, 1980


CBC: 1980; June; Artemus Lamb. [7/9-2]

TT : 1980: August; for 1-week, Beverley & Douglas Ruhe. [Af/23.a]

TT : 1980: August; Linda & Arthur Gregory. [Af/23.a]

TT : 1980: September; for 2 weeks, Lorraine Applebaum, from USA. [Af/23.a]

TT : 1980: September; Mitra Goadall. [Af/23.a]

TT : 1980: October; for 5-days, Meherangiz Munsiff from UK. [Af/23.a]

TT : 1981: 21 March-21 May; Everton Bradshaw, Dominican now living in USA. [Af/23.a]

TT : 1981 : Linda Cholas From USA.



1981 Linda Cholas Visit 1

Visit of Native American Traveling Teacher Linda Cholas to Dominica

Linda Cholas holding her son Rahamatu’llah

Carib Territory

Dominica November 1981

Linda Cholas was a Pueblo Indian who traveled from New Mexico USA.


1981 Linda Cholas Visit 2

Visit of Native American Traveling Teacher Linda Cholas to Dominica

Adults L to R: Paul Elizee, Christaline Elizee, Linda Cholas holding her son Rahamatu’llah

Carib Territory

Dominica November 1981

Christaline Elizee was the first Carib woman to become a Baha’i in Dominica.

The 1st Baha’i wedding in Dominica of Carib Indians were that of Paul and Christaline Elizee.


1981 Linda Cholas Visit 3

Visit of Native American Traveling Teacher Linda Cholas to Dominica

Adults L to R: Allison Vaccaro, Paul Elizee, Dr. Heshmat Ta’eed, Dr. Mark Vaccaro, Nosrat Ta’eed, Christaline Elizee, Linda Cholas holding her son Rahamatu’llah

Carib Territory

Dominica November 1981

Allison Vaccaro, Dr. Heshmat Ta’eed, Dr. Mark Vaccaro and Nosrat Ta’eed were pioneers to Dominica.


CBC: 1980; June; Artemus Lamb. [7/9-2]

TT : 1980: August; for 1-week, Beverley & Douglas Ruhe. [Af/23.a]

TT : 1980: August; Linda & Arthur Gregory. [Af/23.a]

TT : 1980: September; for 2 weeks, Lorraine Applebaum, from USA. [Af/23.a]

TT : 1980: September; Mitra Goadall. [Af/23.a]

TT : 1980: October; for 5-days, Meherangiz Munsiff from UK. [Af/23.a]

TT : 1981: 21 March-21 May; Everton Bradshaw, Dominican now living in USA. [Af/23.a]


TT : 1982: January; Arthur Irwin & Earl Healy from Canada. [PF/25-0.11]

TT : 1982: 10-23 February; Shahnaz & Mark Townsend from USA. [Af/23.a]

TT : 1982: 2 March; for 3-months, Leonard Galit from USA. [PF/25-0.4C].

TT : 1982: 30 May; for 1-week. Meherangiz Munsiff from UK. [PF/25-0.4C]


1982 Meherangiz Munsiff Visit

Visit of Traveling Teacher Meherangiz Munsiff to Dominica

Knight of Baha’u’llah Meherangiz Munsiff is seen embracing a child; Traveling Teacher Vahid Khaze is seen seated next to Mrs. Munsiff.

Dominica June 1982


TTs: 1982: 21 June; for 4 days, Cameron Dodds & Farhad Arbab from French Antilles [PF/25-0.4C].

TT : 1982: 1 August; for 2-weeks, Eleanor Oleson from USA. [PF/25-0.4C].

TT : 1982: 1 August; for 2-weeks, Dr. Edna Houston from USA. [PF/25-0.4C].

TT : 1982: 1 August; for 2-weeks, Alex Blake from USA. [PF/25-0.4C].

TT : 1982: 1 August; for 2-weeks, Gwen Williams from USA. [PF/25-0.4C].

TT : 1982: 1 August; for 2-weeks, Will Sutter from USA. [PF/25-0.4C].

TTs: 1982: 1 December; for 2-months, John & Margaret Knobloch from USA. [PF/25-0.4C]

TT : 1982: 1 December; for 3-months, Vahid Khaze from USA. [PF/25-0.4C]

TT : 1982: 30 December; for 2-1/2 months, Eleanor Oleson from USA. [PF/25-0.4C]


TT : 1983: January; Counsellor Peter McLaren


1983 Visit of Counsellor Peter McLaren to Dominica

Counsellor Peter McLaren with a group of Baha’is

Seated in the front L to R: Ken Dill, Counsellor Peter McLaren, Katherine Williams, Sandra Cooles, Mona George-Dill, Dr. Heshmat Ta’eed

Standing L to R: Vahid Khaze, Brian Williams, Margaret Knobloch, Albert Segen, Ghodsie Yazdani, Dr. Philip Cooles, Allison Vaccaro Auxiliary Board Member for Propagation, (three people aligned front to back: front Maryam Ta’eed, middle Edith Segen Johnson, back probably Farzam Kamalibadi), Sonny Felix, Nosrat Ta’eed

Vicinity of Roseau, Dominica

January 1983


TT : 1983: January; for 2-months, Ghodsie Yazdani for USA. [PF/25-0.4C]

TT : 1983: 4 January; for 3-weeks, Farzam Kamalibadi from USA. [PF/25-0.4C]

TTs: 1983: 10 February; for 2-weeks, Shahnaz & Mark Townsend from USA. [PF/25-0.4C]

TT : 1983: 18 February; for 3-weeks, Yousseff Vijeh from USA. [PF/25-0.4C]

TT : 1983: 2 March; for 3-weeks, Celeste Hicks from USA. [PF/25-0.4C]

TT : 1983: 2 March; for 3-weeks, H. Gloria Sharify from USA. [PF/25-0.4C]

TT : 1983: 11 May; for 2-weeks, Doris Kurzius from USA. [PF/25-0.4C]

HND: 1983: May; Dhikru'llah Khadem for formation of first NSA of Dominica:


Dhikru'llah Khadem (1904-1986) Appointed by Shoghi Effendi in Second Contingent of Hands 29 February  1952


CBC: 1983: May; Ruth Pringle attends above formation NSA

CBC: 1983: 3-5 December; Ruth Pringle [AF/23.2]



Compiled by Patricia Paccassi as of 1988; revised April & September 1991; November 1994, July 2011

NOTE: listed below are the NSA's who were responsible for the Leeward Islands and the dates the responsibility was assigned:


1953 South America/North America;

1957 Greater Antilles;

1962 Brazil;

*1964 United States;

1967 Leeward Windward & Virgin Islands (LWVI);

1972 Leeward & Virgin Islands (LVI);

1974 Barbados & Windward Islands (B/WI);

1981 Windward Islands (WI);

1983 Dominica.

*=First time listed specifically instead of being included as part of a larger grouping; i.e. "Leeward Islands"

Key: LSA = Local Spiritual Assembly   NSA = National Spiritual Assembly    UHJ = Universal House of Justice    

       DTC: District Teaching Committee       ABM = Auxillary Board Member


1959: 5-7 May; Don Corbin, American pioneer in Grenada visits Education Officer, Social Welfare Departments and Newspaper office,  presents Bahá'í Faith message  to Carib Chief and his wife in their home.  [PF/25:alp]


1966: April; Rídvan message calls for formation of NSA OF LWVI, Rídvan 1967. [NL/03.g] Dominica under NSA LWVI  jurisdiction. Will form own NSA Rídvan 1983. [PF/25-0.4f]

1966: Summer; first fireside in Marigot, see story in Edith Johnson report. [PF/25-ALP]


1967: Firesides in Roseau start; Ivor Ellard writes "Comparative Religion" articles for newspaper "The Star" [PF/25-ALP]

1967: 27 December; Birth of Roy Quddus Ellard to Ivor & Anna Ellard. [NL/21.e]


1968: July First believer, Louis Joseph, of Roseau.[NL.21.i:24]

1968: August; Early believers, Rosa Webb, Philip Winston. in Roseau.[NL/21.i]


1969: Early; New Believer: Roosevelt R. Richards. [NL/21.l]


1970: 29-31 May; Ruhiyyih Khanum & Violet Nakjavani make presentation to Governor-General, Sir Louis Cools-Latique. [PF/25-0.4f] Speaks at Imray  School Hall; 29 May stays at Fort Young Hotel, photos taken at Ellards. (details in Dominica archives, plus Frank Farnum report)

1971: Teaching trip of Joyce Owen and daughter Nancy.


1973: Early; firesides start in Eggleston with Murphys; seven local believers on island. [PF/25-ALP]


1974: April; Dominica now part of NSA of WI


1975: February; early believer, Mona George (now Dill), and in September her daughter, Connie (now Astaphan), both elected to first NSA Dominica 1983  [PF/25-0.4f]

1975: 26 December; Fireside with CBC Paul Lucas. [BNWI/25,26]

1975: 27 December; Institute Developing a Baha’i Community with CBC Paul Lucas. [BNWI/25,26]

1975: August; Presentation of book to Carib Indian Chief Mas Clam Frederick by teaching team. Goal of 5-Yr. Plan. Photo in BW Volume XVI.  plus display in Library, radio & newspaper article with photo; details in [PF/25-0.4f][BNWI/30]


 Display in public library


Carib Chief Presentation:



1976: March; Appointment of Mona George as the first Assistant to the ABM, Shirley Yarbrough . [BNWI/28]

1976: 27 December; first LSA elected, Roseau, home of Edwin & John Descamps, 19 Field Lane [PF/25-ALP]

1976: 13-23 September; Proclamation with Bob Hanevold from Guadeloupe. [BNWI/31]

1976: 13-20 October; visit of Shamsi Sedaghat results in: a) 2 lectures to students at Technical College and Grammar School; b)  newspaper articles in "The New Chronicle " and "The Star"; c) interview at Radio Dominica by Alwin Knight [20  min.]; d) courtesy call on Minister of Education Mr. C. Christian; e) had a Market display at Market; f) public meeting at  Trade Union Hall;  g) on 20 October lectured at Lion's & Jaycees. [PF:1]

1976: December; Meherangiz Munsiff lectures at: Lions; Princess Margaret Hospital to nurses; Parish Hall; Goodwill; media "The Star", "New Chronicle" and radio. [PF/25-ALP]


1977: February; Report of Merida conference by Mona George [BNWI/33]

1977: Early; DTC appointed for direction of teaching plans during remainder of 5-Year Plan.[BNWI/33]


Teaching Team from Barbados

  1977 July Domiinica Teach-Team from B'ds_a  

1977: March; Mr. Olinga presents books to Deputy Premier, Hon. H. L. Christain.  speaks to capacity crowd at Fort Young Hotel; 21 March 21 to prominent persons;  Grammar School 22 March. [PF/25-0.4f]


L to R: Joe Rabess, Judy Paccassi, Connie Didier, June Faily, __, Enoch Olinga, __, Frank Paccassi, Mona George, Elizabeth Olinga


1977: 21 April;  LSA of St. George elected. [BNWI/34]

1977: First Carib Indian in Dominica, Joe Rabess, embraces Faith. [BNWI/35]

1977: June; for 3 months; "Bahá'í Information Centre" opened daily, successful proclamation. [PF/25-ALP]

1977: Summer; teaching begins in Grand Bay, Giraudel, St. Joseph, & Point Michele, many enrollments.  Summer: display set up at open air Market in Roseau Saturday mornings and is continuous for many years (maybe even still in '94).

1977: Mid; Distinctive Character of Bahá'í Life Institutes with CBC  Hedi Ahmadiyyih. [BNWI/34]

1977: 25 September; Institute on Alcohol & the Bahá'í Faith [BNWI/36] Report.  [BNWI/38]


1978: 11 August: First Baha’i wedding: Connie Didier and Albert Astaphan, held in the home of the Al Segen and his sister Edith Johnson.

1978: March; early Carib believers; Christaline Francis; Paul Von Elizee   [BE/29.2]

1978: ??; LSA boundaries changed from Parish to rural village, town and city boundaries, go from 10 to 40.[PF/25:alp]

1978: or 1979 ??; District Haziratu'l-Quds in Pt. Michele [PF/25:alp]

1978: 17-26 June; deepening & strengthening in Colihaut by Bowers/Finn[AF/23.3]


1979: 27/28 January; Deepening Institute held. Report. [BNWI/43]

1979: 27/28 February; Weekend institute with Dr. Harry Collymore of Trinidad and Jennifer Dewar of Guyana[7/e-f]

1979: Early; LSA of St. George incorporated (first). [BNWI/42]

1979: Rídvan. 9 LSAs elected. [AriseV1#1]

1979: 1-6 May SA; report lists one Carib Indian family enrolled [AF/23.a]

1979: 1-6 May SA; report lists  District Hazirah' 17 April. [AF/23.a]

1979: 16 September; Junie Faily leaves for USA; After Hurricane David, the Government asks that all women and children leave and  only able bodied men remain to help in reconstruction.  There is little food, no electricity or water.  Edith Johnson goes to St. Vincent for several months.  Al Segen helps greatly with CB communications.  [AF/23.2:PR/1.]


1980: 16 January: Memorial services for Dr. Muhajir. [AF/23.2]

1980: April; 4 LSAs elected [which 4 ?]. [PF/25-0.4f]

1980: February/March; Arthur Irwin lives in Carib Reserve at home of former Chief Mas Clem Frederick. [BE/29.2]

1980: 17 March; first all Carib LSA is formed. Hand John Robarts arrives that day and is present. [see photos][PF/25:alp]

1980: March; Hand John Robarts visits Pt. Michele & Soufriere.

1980: Information kits presented to prominent persons.  Dominica presents hundreds of these.  It is the most impressive effort made in the 5 islands.[AF/23.a]

1980: July; reconstruction work after Hurricane David creates job vacancies allowing influx of pioneers not possible before. [PF/25:alp]

1980: Presentation made to President, His Excellency, Aurelius Marie (was this made during Munsiff visit?). [AF/23]


1981: March to May; Dominican Everton Bradshaw teaches and helps to form new LSAs. [PF/25:alp]

1981: 21 March; Presentation of Bahá'í World, Volume 16 to Prime Minister, Eugenia Charles by Everton Bradshaw; delegation: CBC Ruth Pringle, Connie  Astaphan, Everton Bradshaw, Al Segen [21/ ]

  1980 Bradshaw presentation to PM E Charles_a  

1981: April; new NSA of Windward Islands elected

1981: to 1983; rapid growth period, 18 LSAs, 44 localities, 20  pioneers and their children [PF/25-0.4f]

1981: ??: 1st Carib Indian descent Bahá'í wedding in Dominica: Paul and Christaline Elizee, :

  1981 Paul & Christalene Elizee 1st Baha'i Wedding Dominica _a  

1981 Roseau Children’s Class

Children’s Class held in the Pottersville section of Roseau

Jennifer Williams is third from the left in the front row; Katherine Williams is fourth from the left in the second holding her daughter Nadia; Allison Vaccaro is first on the left in the third row; Brian Williams is second from the left in the third row; Beverley (unknown last name) is third from the left in the third row.

Roseau, Dominica


The Williams family pioneered to Dominica.


1981 Roseau Market Display 1

Baha’i Display at the Roseau Market

Pioneer Albert Segen is seen in the center

Roseau, Dominica



1981 Roseau Market Display 2

Baha’i Display at the Roseau Market

L to R: Christaline Elizee’s sister, Nosrat Ta’eed, Gia Parks (granddaughter of the Ta’eeds), Dr. Heshmat Ta’eed, Fazi Parks (grandson of the Ta’eeds), Allison Vaccaro, Edith Segen Johnson

Roseau, Dominica


For many years the Baha’is had a display at the Roseau Market on Saturday mornings to teach the Baha’i Faith.



1982: 2-13 January; teaching project in village areas [AF/23.2]


1982 Earl Healy Visit

Visit of Native American Traveling Teacher Earl Healy to Dominica

Earl Healy speaking at an Observance of World Religion Day

Roseau, Dominica

February 12, 1982


1982 Earl Healy Visit

Visit of Native American Traveling Teacher Earl Healy to Dominica

L to R: John Charles, Earl Healy, Ernest Tavernier, Cecil Mitchell

Grandbay, Dominica



1982: February; Allison Vaccaro named ABM for Propagation [AF/23.2]`

1982 to 1983: May to April, see SA report January 1983 [PF/25-0.4C].  a) three radio programs produced and aired in Dominica and reached all 4 Windward Islands; special programs produced and aired for Dominica Creole Day, plus 3 weekly  programs.  b) 2 spiritual enrichment institutes  c) 1 child  education training institute  d) 2-two day home front travel teacher institutes  e) 1-two week  f) presentations of books or interviews with prominent persons......[PF:3]



1982 onward Baha’i Radio Programs in Dominica

L to R: Rosemund Jules, Dr. Mark Vaccaro, Ken Dill

Recording a Baha’i Faith radio program to be aired on DBS (Dominica Broadcasting Services) Radio.Home of Albert Segen

Goodwill, Roseau, Dominica

 The Baha’is of Dominica first began producing and broadcasting radio programs in 1982.  This continued for many years and as of 2012 the programs were still being recorded in Dominica and locally broadcast.  The 15 minute radio program has been and continues to be broadcast every Sunday morning.  It can be heard throughout Dominica and sometimes on nearby islands as well.  The recordings were originally made and edited in a simple studio in Albert Segen’s home as shown in the photograph.  Later recordings were made in the homes of Baha’is in the villages. 


1982: Summer; three two-day summer schools. Report SA January 1983   [PF/25-0.4C]

1982: August; Weekend teacher training institute. [AF/23.a]

1982: 2-14 August; Teaching Project with Brian Williams coordinator. See report SA January 1983 [PF/25-0.4C]


1982 Summer Teaching Project 1

Summer Teaching Project in Dominica

Standing on the ground in the front L to R: Dr. Edna Houston (Traveling Teacher USA), Alex Blake (Traveling Teacher USA), Nosrat Ta’eed (Pioneer), Edith Segen Johnson (Pioneer), Gwen Williams (Traveling Teacher USA), Eleanor Oleson (Traveling Teacher USA), Dr. Mark Vaccaro (Pioneer), Brian Williams (Pioneer), Stephanie Bloodworth (Traveling Teacher Canada), Catherine Alleyne (Roseau Baha’i)

Standing on the wall in the back L to R: Youssef Vijeh (Traveling Teacher USA), unknown, Clive Tully (Pioneer), Dr. Heshmat Ta’eed (Pioneer)

Roseau, Dominica

August 1982


1982 Summer Teaching Project 2

Summer Teaching Project in Dominica

Gathering at the Ti Ki Restaurant

L to R: Marilyn Alleyne (Roseau Baha’i), Nancy Thomas (Pioneer), Gwen Williams (Traveling Teacher USA), unknown, Alex Blake (Traveling Teacher USA), Steve Hilyard (Pioneer)

Roseau, Dominica

August 1982


1982: 4 October; from UHJ; Kindly convey friends Dominica assurance our supplication Bahá’u’lláh bestow blessings

 enable them meet challenge discharge responsibilities attendant birth their new Institution Faith. [AF/23.2]

1982: 29 October; Bahá'í radio program all in Patois, as this was Creole Day [PF/25-0.4C]


1983: 2 January: Teaching Conference with CBC Peter Mc Laren, 100 attended from 11 villages. SA June 1983 [PF/25-0.4C]

1983: 21 February-4 March: Ruhi Institute, 14 participants, with CBC Ruth Pringle & Alison Vaccaro, teachers. SA June 1983 [PF/25-0.4C]

1983: April 1-9: Ruhi Institute, 6 participants, with Katherine Williams, Mark Vaccaro & Ludi Johnson, from Martinique, teachers. SA June 1983 [PF/25-0.4C]

1983: May 29/30. Formation of the first NSA. [needs details, names, etc] 


1983 1st National Convention 3

1st National Baha’i Convention in Dominica official photograph

Hand of the Cause of God Mr. Dhikru’llah Khadem is seen in the center.

Roseau, Dominica

May 29, 1983


1983 1st National Convention 7

First National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Dominica with Hand of the Cause of God Mr. Dhikru’llah Khadem and Counsellor Mrs. Ruth Pringle

First Row L to R: Connie Didier Astaphan, Hand of the Cause of God Mr. Dhikru’llah Khadem, Delia Joseph, Mona George-Dill

Second Row L to R: Albert Segen, Alan Brown, Paul Elizee, Counsellor Mrs. Ruth Pringle, Dr. Heshmat Ta’eed

National Spiritual Assembly members not present: Ken Dill, Edith Segen Johnson

Roseau, Dominica

May 30, 1983


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NOTE: My goal was to trace the growth and development of the Faith in the  islands from their beginnings, as far as I could find, up to the formation of each ones own National Assembly. As 1983 was the formation of the first NSA of Dominica and information is  available from this time on in Dominica, I am using it as the cutoff  date for this research document. The following years will be done by  other researchers.

This document is neither exhaustive nor definitive, we learn as we go, but  what I have, and/or discover, will be changed or added as necessary.

Hopefully, I can put this material into a form which, through the medium of oral  history, will breathe the life into the bare facts and statistics.  I feel that it is our stories and impressions and feelings that help to  convey the enormous process that is taking place in the Bahá'í World  during this period of development. I am only sorry that it was not done  earlier, we have lost so many stories already.

I truly appreciate all the help given to me in this research and can only hope it is helpful to others.  PP...November. 1994


September 2011

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