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Alphabetical Lists of Pioneers and Travel Teachers




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Barbados: Pioneers, Quote re: Pioneers : Travel Teachers  Quote re: travel teachers and Events, 1923 to 1981 

Compiled by Patricia Paccassi, as of September 1988: revised, April 1991; September 1994, December 2010, July 2011, September 2012

KEY: PIO:=pioneer:

Data enclosed in parenthesis or brackets  (_____) refers to my source:  see source page for details  SOURCES

PIONEERS TO BARBADOS: ________________________________________________________________________________________


1957: Mr. Charles Winfield Small, Barbadian, who became a Bah�'� in the Bahamas, returns home and becomes the first Bah�'� to settle on Barbados; [BE/29.1]

???: 1965: 10 January; Letter from Caribbean Goals to LSA ST. Thomas. Have letter from Dennis R. Holder, from British Guiana, saying  he was only Bah�'� in Barbados when Etta Woodlen arrives in September 1964; [24/1-UR LSA  Charlotte Amalie]

PIO: 1964: September to June 1965; Mrs. Etta  Woodlen Etta_Woodlen_BDS from USA; [AF/01.a]

PIO: 1965: January to March 1966: Howard Snider 1965_HOWARD_Snider_b from USA.


PIO: 1965: 18 September to after May 1966; Lorraine Landau Lorane  Landau from USA, to Christ Church, then to Saba; leaves area in 1967; [NL/03.d;AF/01.a][PF/25-09]             


PIO: 1966: 25 May; Walter  and Carol Haynes Carol and Wally Haynes BDS from Britain:

listed  as US pioneers,

PIO: 1966: October to March 1967; Glen and Lois Lissoner from USA, to Christ Church [AF/01.a];


PIO: 1967: 9 October; Philip and Karen Wood Karen & Phil Wood BDS from USA to St. Philip; [Karen to 1978] [Philip to 11 February 1979)[AF/01.a;NL/21.d][AF/23] __________________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1970: to ??; John Duff to Oughtlands, St. Philip [PF/25-08] was he a  pioneer? He was here when Enoch Olinga was, and hosted a reception for him. ______________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1971: October to March 1976; Frank Frank Paccassi BDS and Patricia Paccassi, Pat Paccassi BDS daughters,

Lynn, Lynn Paccassi BDS Judith, Judy Paccassi BDS to St. Andrew, from USA, then to Dominica, via posts Puerto Rico and St. Thomas;  [BNWI/4]

PIO: 1971: October until deceased 17 November 1975; Elsie Mollie Mitchell Snyder, Elsie Snyder BDS arrived with granddaughter Patricia Paccassi and  family, St. Andrew. First pioneer to die & be buried at post, in St. Andrew Cemetery; [PKC] Obit:[BNWI/3] _______________________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1972: August to present, 2011; Shirley Yarbrough Shirley Yarbrough BDS to Christ Church from USA;

PIO: 1973: June, to ???; ; (USA) Laurie Fanning Laurie Sealy BDS returns to USA for educational purposes, returns in 1976: to late 1994

from first post in Grenada  [PR/22.3]

PIO: 1973: June to August 1974; Florence Rose Florence Rose BDS-Grnd from USA, from first post in Grenada; [BNWI/15]


PIO: 1974: April to ???; Roy Roy Carlton BDS and Cynthia Cynthia Carlton BDS Carlton, to St. Lucy,  from USA; [AF/01.a] Roy deceased, 1981:  AF/23] Cynthia & child remain until ??.


PIO: 1975: ?? to September 1978; then to St. Lucia until August 1979 to USA: Emily Kramer Emily Kramer STL from USA; [af/23.a:prc:nl]


PIO: 1978: August to ??; Nell Gibson from USA to Belleplaine, [AF/23.a]

PIO: 1978: to 1980; Karen Lindley Karen Lindley crop BDS from USA to Belleplaine; [prc]

PIO: 1978: September to 1992; Elizabeth Randall, Beth Farnum BDS now Farnum, from USA; [AF/23.a]

PIO: 1978: October; S. & S. Hasheim, from Iran; [needs checking] ________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1979: July to August 1980; Terry & Shala Gilbanks from USA, to Cayman Islands; [AF/23.a] ___________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1980: August; Peter & Margaret Berry from USA

PIO: 1981 December to 1983: Bobby and Dorothy Freeman 1985_Dorothy_Freeman from USA




Complied by Patricia Paccassi, as of September 1988: revised, April 1991; September 1994, June 2010, July 2011


TT :=travel teacher from outside the national area;

TTP:=travel teacher and pioneer from within the national area;

TTL:=West Indian travel teacher;

HND:=Hand of the Cause of God;

CBC:=member of the Continental Board of Counsellors;

ABM:=Auxiliary Board Member

NSA:=member of a national spiritual assembly.


Data enclosed in parenthesis or brackets (_____) refers to my source 



TT : 1923: December; for a few hours; Leonora  Holsapple [Holsapple-Armstrong] She was accompanied by her sister and Maude Mickle; [BE/29.1] [IN/20]


Leonora Holsapple-Armstrong holding the Greatest Name



TT:  1929: January/February; for 7 weeks, Mrs. Keith Ranson-Kehler; [BE/29.1]


Keith Ransom-Kehler (Feb. 14, 1876 - October 27, 1933) was an American Baha’i, Hand of the Cause of God and regarded as the first American Martyr of the Faith.  She was appointed a Hand of the Cause of God posthumously by Shoghi Effendi 28 October 1933


TT : 1940: ??; Mrs. Mary Barton  [BE/29.1]


TT : 1965: 14 February-3 March; Don Larsen from Arlington, Virginia, USA; [AF/23]

TTP: 1965: July; Ellsworth Blackwell from Haiti  [AF:23]

TT : 1965: 25 November-2 December; Doris Corbin from USA; [NL/03.f]

TT : 1965:  25 November-2 December; Jose Monge from Puerto Rico; [NL/03.f]� 

TT : 1965: ??; Allan and Joyce McLean; [AF:23.a]

TT : 1966: January; Belle Lennox from Puerto Rico  [BE/29.1]

TT : 1966: 14 February-3 March; Don Larsen from USA; [PF/25-09]

TT : 1966: 14-16 June; Jean Norris from USA;

TT : 1966: 24-26 July; Francis Foss from USA; [NL/03.g]

TTP: 1966: 20-25 August; Ellsworth Blackwell from Hait; [AF/23]

TTP: 1966: 5 & 10-12 September; Katherine Meyer from St. Thomas; [NL/03.h,i][AF/23]  [PF/25-0.4G]


HND: 1967: 6-10 February; First visit of a Hand of the Cause of God, Dr. Ugo Giachery; [AF/24]


Ugo Giachery (1896-1989)  Appointed by Shoghi Effendi in First Contingent of Hands 24 December 1951



TTP: 1967: October; Bill Carr from Greenland; [NL/21.d]

TTP: 1967: September/October; Vivian Taylor from Puerto Rico; [NL/21.d]

TTP: 1967: Nikou Raoufian from Trinidad and Tobago. [PR NRA-2011]

TTP: 1967: Ed Miller from Grenada


TTP: 1968: August; Frank & Patricia Paccassi with daughters Judith and Lynn; [NL/21.i]

TTP: 1968: 23-26 October; Katharine Meyer from St. Thomas, report; [NL/21.j] Report [PF/25-0.4G]

TTP: 1968: October; Ed Miller from Grenada; [NL/21.j]


TT : 1969: May or June; Ronald Jacobs, Canada; [AF/23.a]

TT : 1969: 20 July to 19 October; Hazel Lovelace a Tlingit Indian from Alaska.

TT : 1969: 14 April; Greg Dahl from USA; [NL/21.m]

TTP: 1969: July; Lorana Kerfoot from St. Thomas; [NL/21.N]

TT : 1969: July; Zylpha Mapp from USA; [NL/21.P]

CBC: 1969: 16-19 November; Alfred Osbourne from Panama; [NL/21.O, NL.21/P]


HND: 1970: 17-22 May; 'Amatu'l-Baha R�h�yyih Khanum, w/ Violette Nakjavani [NL/21.R][PF/25-0.4G]


Amatu'l-Baha Ruhiyyih Khanum (1910-2000)  Appointed by Shoghi Effendi 26 March 1952  



TTP: 1970: Summer; Patricia, Lynn & Judith Paccassi, from St. Thomas; w with Michael Fanning, Y, from USA; Don Providence, Y, St. Vincent; [NL/21.T] Story, p6.[NL/21.S]

TTP: 1970: 23 August to ?; Frank Paccassi from St. Thomas

TTP: 1970: 23 August to ?; Ethel Harris from St. Croix  [PF/25-09]


HND: 1970: 23-28 August;  Enoch Olinga from Uganda; [NL/21.S, NL/21.T][PF/25-08]


Enoch Olinga (1926-1979) Appointed by Shoghi Effendi in final Contingent of Hands in October 1957



TT : 1970: mid; Lois & Glenn Lissner; [NL/21.S][AF/23]

TT : 1970: 25-27 November; January & Marvin Dreyer from USA; [NL/21.U][AF/23]


TT : 1971: ??; for 6 months, Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Johnson from USA; [AF/23/a.]

ALL: 1971: August/September; large team from 5 islands, USA, Auxiliary Board Member, Ruth Pringle from Panama for 1st mass teaching in the Leeward, Windward & Virgin Islands; full report in  PF:2

HND: 1972: January; Dr. Rahmat Muhajir muhajir_thumb              

  Rahmatu'llah Muhajir (1923-1979) Appointed by Shoghi Effendi in final Contingent of Hands in October 1957     




HND: 1972 Early: Dr. Ugo Giachery; [PF/25-08]

HND: 1972: April; R�h�yyih Khanum for 1st. NSA formation [AF/23.a]  Accompanied by her cousin, January Chute.

ABM: 1972: April; Marjorie Harmer.

TT : 1972: 5-6 August; Dorothy Brunner, coordinator, USA [AF/23.a]  note: see report for rest of team members names

CBC: 1972: 27 September-2 October; Alfred Osbourne from Panama; [AF/23.a][BNWI/4]  (PF/25-08]TTP:

TT:  1972:  2 September; Cora Oliver, Knight of Bah�’u’ll�h to British Honduras, from Central America  [FR.USA][[AF/23.a]


HND: 1973: 23 February to ?: John Robarts


John Aldham Robarts (1901-1991)  Appointed by Shoghi Effendi in final Contingent of Hands in October 1957



CBC: 1973: Rowland Estall; First visit to the Windward Islands as a Councellor. [PR]

TTP: 1973: March; Shamsi Sedaghat from Trinidad; [PF/25-08]

ABM: 1973: May; Ruth Pringle from Panama; [PF/25-08]

TT: 1973: July-August; Nancy Gorton from California (worked at Conference), stayed with Paccassi family [PR]

TTL: 1973: 8-15 August; Daniel Sweeney from Montserrat; Harrison  Mark from St. Lucia;  Allister Phillips from Grenada; Emmanuel Dick from St. Vincent;

Lynn Haynes from Barbados; [BNWI/9]   

CBC: 1973: 4-5 August; Carmen de Burafato from Mexico [AF:23.a]


HND: 1973: 21 August; Dr. Ali Muhammad Varqa; [BNWI/10]



Ali Muhammad Varqa (1911-2007) Appointed by Shoghi Effendi 15 November 1955



CBC: 1973: 30 September-1 October; Rowland Estall; (first visit as CBC) [BNWI/10]

CBC: 1973: December; for 2 weeks Rowland Estall; [PF/25-08]

TTL: 1973: December; for 2 weeks, students from St. Vincent and Grenada attend Teacher Training Institute.. names in PF:1


HND: 1974: May; Jalal Khazeh; [AF/23.a]



Jalal Khazeh  (1897-1990)  Appointed by Shoghi Effendi in final Contingent of Hands in October 1957



TT : 1974: Summer; Laurie Fanning, Y from USA; [BNWI/15]

TT : 1974: Summer; Mr. & Mrs. Pierre Rosine & family from Martinique. [BNWI/15]

HND: 1974: 6 & 7 October; Dr. Muhajir; [AF/23.a][BNWI/17] 

NSA: 1974: October; Ed Muttart, NSA member [AF/23.a] from Canada (check this year, is it 1974 or 1975)

HND: 1974: 14-18 November; Dr. Muhajir; [AF:23.a]

TT : 1974: late; Zylpha Mapp from USA; [AF/23.a]

CBC:  1974: 4-18 November; Rowland Estall; [BNWI/17] 

ABM: 1975: ??; Mr. Mithaquaian from South East Asia

TT : 1975: ??; Cora Oliver

HND: 1975: 22-23 February; John Robarts; [BNWI/20]

TTL: 1975: 12-25 April; Selma Joseph from Grenada; [BNWI/22]

TT : 1975: March/May; Hazel Lovelace from Alaska; [AF/23.a] [BNWI/22,23]

CBC: 1975: ??; Alfred Osbourne from Panama; [AF/23.a]

CBC: 1975: August; Rowland Estall from Canada; [AF/23.a]

TT : 1975: September; Vivian Estall from Puerto Rico, a pioneer from USA; [AF/23.a]

CBC: 1975: 19 December; Paul Lucas from Mexico; [AF/23.a] [BNWI/1-26] first visit.

TT : 1975: 24-26 December; Greg & Dawn Dahl with daughter Carrie from USA; [BNWI/25,26]


TT : 1976: 14 March; for 13 days; Lois Richard, USA; [AF/23.a][BNWI/29]

TT : 1976: April; for 14 days; Cora Oliver, pioneer to Central America, from USA; [AF/23.a]  [BNWI/29]

TT : 1976: 15 July -2 August; Shelia Banani from USA; [AF/23.a][BNWI/30]

ABM: 1976: July for one week; Joseph Coblintz from ??; [AF/23.a] [BNWI/30]

TT : 1976: August; Junie Silver from USA (check if this her pioneer date?)  [AF/23.a]

TTP: 1976: October; for approximately 1 week, Shamsi Sedaghat from Trinidad; [AF/23.a][BNWI/32]

TT : 1976: December; for 3-4 days, Meherangiz Munsiff from UK; [AF/23.a][BNWI/32]

TT : 1976: December; Muriel Bellefuer from Canada; [AF/23.a] _______________________________________________________________________________________

HND: 1977: March; for 3-4 days; Enoch Olinga & wife Elizabeth from Uganda; [AF/23.a]

TT : 1977: March; Myrtle Murray from Canada; [PF/25-0.11]

CBC: 1977: 20-22 May; Hedi Ahmadiyyih, Carmen Burafato, Rowland Estall, Artemus Lamb, Alfred Osbourne. [BNWI/34]

TTP: 1977: mid;  Izadinia's;  [BNWI/35]

CBC: 1977: late; Rowland Estall; [BNWI/38] _________________________________________________________________________________________

TT : 1978: February/March; John & Jharna Milne from Canada; [PF/25-0.11]

TT : 1978: March; for 5 days, Thora Euford from Canada  [PF/25-0.11]

TT : 1978: April; for 2 days, David & Mein Smith from Canada; [PF/25-0.11]

TT : 1978: early; Frank Sheffey from Guyana; [BNWI/40]

TT : 1978: November; Paul Rourke from USA; [AF/23.a] ______________________________________________________________________________________

TT : 1979: January/February for 1 month, Rowland  'Rollie"  Totten & Laura Davis from Canada; [PF/25-0.11]

TT : 1979: Chris Humble from Canada; [AF/23.a] Report [BNWI/43]

TTL: 1979: February; Dr Harry Collymore from Trinidad; [AF/23.a]

HND: 1979: May; Dr Varqa; [maybe AF:23.a]

TT : 1979: June; N. & T. Mashrafzademn; [AF/23.a]

TT : 1979: July; Langston & Hariparen from USA; [AF/23.a]

ABM: 1979: August; Ruth Pringle, USA pioneers in Panama  ]

TT : 1979: August; Janelle Lindley from USA; [AF/23.a]

TT : 1979: August; Marianne Smith & Sherri Palerno from from USA; [AF/23.a]

TT : 1979: September; Fazen Farfhani from USA; [AF/23.a]

TT : 1979: October; Aziz & Malek Ghalili from USA; [AF/23.a]

HND: 1979: October; for approximately one week; Dr. Muhajir; [AF/23.a]

TTP: 1979: 9-23 December; Beverley March, of Jamaica, from St. Lucia; [AF/23.a] 

CBC: 1979: 15-?? December; Paul Lucas from Mexico; [AF/23.a] _________________________________________________________________________________________

TT : 1980: March; Rollie Totten from Canada; [AF/23.a]

HND: 1980: March; John Robarts and wife Audrey; [AF/23.a]

TT : 1980: June; Ann Wilson from Canada, Pioneer Office Secretary; [AF/23.a]

NSA: 1980: 4 July; Rowland Estall; (check to see when appointed CBC)  [AF/23.a]

TTP: 1980: November; John Rushford from Antigua, originally from USA; [AF/23.a]

TT : 1980: 3-5 November; Meherangiz Munsiff from UK & Gol Aidun from Canada; [AF/23.a]

TT : 1980: December; for 11 days, Paul & Mitra Doherty from USA; [AF/23.a]




Compiled by Patricia Paccassi as of September 1988: revised, April 1991 & September 1994, June 2010, July 2011

NOTE: listed below are the NSA's who were responsible for the Windward Islands and the dates the responsibility was assigned:


1953 South America/North America;

1957 Greater Antilles;

*1962 Brazil;

1964 United States;

1967 Leeward, Windward & Virgin Islands (LWVI);

1972 Windward Islands (WI) (later called Barbados & the Windward Islands);

1981 Barbados.

*= First time listed specifically instead of being included as part of a larger grouping; i.e. "Windward Islands"

NOTE: Early believers will be listed until the cutoff date of  August 1971  which is the date of the first nationally sponsored mass teaching  project of the Leeward, Windward, & Virgin Islands held in Barbados.

Data enclosed in parenthesis (_____) or brackets refers to my source ( see sources link above) 

Key: LSA = Local Spiritual Assembly

NSA = National Spiritual Assembly



1923: December; Leonora Holsapple Armstrong stopped at Barbados en route, on  second trip from New York to Brazil (arriving 24 January 1924) Is  thought to have gone to Newspaper office (unsubstantiated).[IN/20]�  She  was accompanied by her sister [name?] and Maude Mickle, held public  meeting [but where?]. [BE/29.1]

1929: January-February; Mrs. Keith Ransom-Kehler [q.v.?] spent 7 weeks  teaching the Faith at the invitation of the Hon. Christopher  Braithwaite, a member of the colonial Parliament of Barbados, who had  met and was impressed by  Baha’is he met in New York the year before.  Mrs. Ransom-Kehler  left a large library of Baha’i literature for new  Baha’is and donated some to the  public library. [did she bring Mrs.  Ella Robarts, who is listed in the Baha’i World volumes 4 to 7 as the contact address for St Michael Parish into the Faith?] [BE/29.1] 1940: ??; Mrs. Mary Barton visits. [BE/29.1]

1940: ??; Mrs. Mary Barton visits. [BE/29.1]  _______________________________________________________________________________________________

1957: January; Charles Winfield Small, a native of Barbados, who became a  Baha’i in the Bahamas, returns home, becoming the first Baha’i to settle in Barbados. [BE/29.1] _________________________________________________________________________________________________

1964: Report from Foreign Goals, Mr. Dennis. R. Holder, a native of  British  Guiana and a Baha’i for 5 years is on Barbados�  when Mrs. Woodlen  arrives.

1964: August to June 1965; Mrs. Etta Woodlen,Etta_Woodlen_BDS first pioneer  leaves Barbados for brief visit to original home in Wilmington, Delaware USA  and dies of heart attack. See poem to her by Howard Snider in August

1964: late or January 1965; Horace Mozart Newton and George Pilgrim first Barbadian believers enrolled on Barbados. 

1964: April; Harold Bellamy, Byron S. Payne, Leonard Lawrence, Carl Leon  Newson welcomed [4/'1965 Newsletter] as enrolled Baha’is. [NL/03.a] ______________________________________________________________________________________________


1965 Newsletter  [NL/03.C]

1965: early; Well attended firesides Thursdays; 5 Baha’is in Christ Church, 4 in St. Michael; Baha’i library established;  [NL/03.a]

1965: April; First LSA's formed in Christ Church and St. Michael. (both lost  in '1966, St. Michael reelected 1967) [AF/24] [NL/03.b][AF/23]

1965: May; New believers; Freelyn Clarke, Ralph Green, Sgt. James  Braithwaite, Keith Graham, H. Ashby, Kenneth Foster, Cadelia  Cox, Gladys Evansone, Hoan Jackson, Victor  Mall. [NL/03.b]

1965: June to November; Study classes Tuesday & Thursday at George Pilgrim's. [NL/03.c/d]

1965: late; 2 radio newspaper interviews for new pioneer, Lorraine  Landau. [NL/03.e]

1965: 25-27 November; first summer school held. [AF/24] ______________________________________________________________________________________________

1966: 4 January;  Faith registered with Government. [AF/23]

1966: ??; LSA Christ Church donates 17  books to Bridgetown Public Library. [AF/24]]

1966: January; Belle Lennox, a TT from Puerto Rico, interviewed on radio by Olga Lopes Seales. [BE/29.1]

1966: March/April; quotes from  Scriptures published in Barbados Sunday newspaper. [BE/29.1][AF/23]

1966: April; Ridvan message calls for formation of NSA of LWVI at Ridvan 1967; [NL/03.g]

1966: 20-25 August; Teaching Institute with Ellsworth Blackwell. [AF/23]

1966: 27-28 November; First Teaching Conference in Christ Church. [NL/03.e]

1967: 6-10 February; First visit of a Hand of the Cause of God, Dr. Ugo Giachery. [AF/24]]

1967: Baha’i group functioning, children’s classes, feasts, Holy Days,  Library, funds to National Fund, regular firesides at Haynes.

1967: October; Photo of TT's Bill Carr, Nikou Raoufian and Vivian Taylor in "The Advocate" with Philip Wood & George Pilgrim of Barbados. [NL/21.d]

1967: November; early believer, Alphonse T. Wade. [NL/21.d]

1967: 12 November; early believer, Ivan Rudolph Alleyne from St. Michaels. [NL/21.e]

1967: November; "The Advocate" gives good publicity to Baha’i  celebration. [NL/21.e]

1967: November; Karen Wood starts children's classes with 12 Baha’is. [NL/21.e] ______________________________________________________________________________________________

1968: 30 July; Kimberly Jahil born to Philip & Karen Wood. [NL/21.i]

1968: 8 October; Letter from NSA LWVI to UHJ. On 18 September a presentation, to Governor General Sir Winston Scott copy of Proclamation of  Baha’u’llah, by Ed Miller, George Pilgrim, Carol & Wally Haynes  & Katherine Meyer; [24/1-UR] 25 October another presentation made.  [PF/25-08]

1968: October; Katherine Meyer, Ed Miller & Walter Haynes give talks at school for the blind. [NL/21.j]

1969: 20 July  to 19 October; Hazel Lovelace, a Tlingit Indian from Alaska, visits,  conducts Spiritualization institutes, "Building a Refuge for Mankind"  and teaches.

1969: early; new believers, James C. Hinkson,  & Jonathan A. Rose. [NL/21.L]

1969: early; new believer: Cyrillene Neblett. [NL/21.m]

1969: mid; National Institute held in Bridgetown. [NL/21.N]

1969: Fall; new believer. Diane Bourne. [NL/21.O]

1970: May or June; R�h�yyih Khanum presents book to Governor General Sir Winston Scott. [PF/25-04aWB]

1970: Meetings with R�h�yyih Khanum  in  Ragged Point, at the Woods home.



1970: mid; St. James Parish opened to the Faith. [NL/21.T]

1970: mid; new believers: from St. John, Cleton Sealy (Y); from St. Philip, Clyde Brathwaite, Wayne C. Bynoe, Richard Maynard, Errol Sealy, George O. Sealy, [NL/21.S] & Wesley Bynoe. [NL/21.T]

1970: mid; Believers now residing in St. George, St. James & St. John. [NL/21.T]

1970: Frank Farnum, became Bah�'� in USA, returns home. [AF/23] 

1970: summer; Team of Patricia Lynn & Judith Paccassi, Michael Fanning, Don  Providence teach in Newbury, St. George. House is rented. 12 new believers 10 adult & 2 children. Group formed  with weekly study classes. [NL/21.T] [PR:1][AF/23]

1970: 23-28 August; Enoch Olinga visits and speaks at site of Newbury, St. George project. [NL/21.S, NL/21.T]


Left to Right:  ??, Pat Paccassi, ? ?, Don Providence, ??,??, ??, Ethel Harris, Hand Olinga, ??, Judith Paccassi, Michael Fanning, ??,  Frank Paccassi,  Lynn Paccassi


1970: 27 August; Interview with Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Cameron Tutor on CBC Radio’s "Morning Line" and Radio Rediffusion interview. Public meetings YMCA, plus delegation meeting.

1970: 29 August; St. Michael, Belleplaine Centre [first  Bah�'� meeting in St. Andrew Parish; a "Tea" at Marine Hotel  [PF/25-08]

1970: 27 August; courtesy call on the Governor General, Sir Winston Scott by Mr. Olinga and delegation of Diane Bourne, Frank Farnum, & Wayne Bynoe. [BE/29.1][PF/25-08]

  1970_Olinga_visit_to Barbados_w_Governor_General_a  

1970: 25-27 November; Folk singers & guitarists Jan & Marvin Dreyer. [NL/21.U]

1970: late; new believers: Victor Nurse, Wayne Sisnet, Egbert Cummins, Alvear Downes, Fitzgerald Callander, Orville Carlyle Hall, Hugh Stanton, Clement Crichlow, Bernard  Eversly, Victor Proute, Edward Parris,  Ricardo Carter, George Downes, Egerton Holder, Charles Rowbridge. [NL/21.U]


1971: early; new believers: Courtney Barnes, Herbert Rock, Hartley  Springer. [NL/21.V]

1971: Treasurers appointed to represent 12 Islands, including Barbados.

1971: Literature Subvention given for the Islands.

1971: 21 April & 9 May; Stories on Faith in Advocate-News. [NL/21.W]

1971: 31 May: from UHJ to NSA WI, quote:  "Dear Bah�'� Friends, We are moved to express our happiness at the systematic and thorough way in which your new born National Spiritual Assembly has been developing it's  communications with it's communities scattered through out the watery reaches of the Caribbean."

1971: 26 July; letter from mass teaching coordinator, Pat Paccassi, news of switching the project from Nevis to Barbados (see photo copy made). [PF/25-08]

1971: August; in three weeks, 500 new believers from teaching project. [NL/21.X] Nice story re: David, a new young Baha’i, in [PR/22.8,pg.6]

               1971 Teach team

1971: August from UHJ to NSA LWVI, seat in St. Thomas, "Exhilarated first successes mass teaching Barbados  harbinger dynamic new national community Windward Islands, (stop). Convey new believers loving welcome assure all friends prayers Holy Shrines continued success."

1971: 14 September; cable from UHJ received in St. Thomas, "Hail splendid results island teaching conference Barbados, gratified corps new believers arising join cadre Bah�'�  veterans sacrificed efforts further propagation simultaneous consolidation, healthy Augury nascent Windward Islands community (stop) invoking assistance blessed be your every goal. Love, UHJ"


Back row:  Don Providence, Shirley  Howard, Jim Taylor: Next row: Shirley Yarbrough, Karen Wood, ABM Ruth  Pringle,                     Front row:  Van Gilmer, Judith Paccassi, ??


1971: late; 2200 new Bah�'�s. [NL/21.Y] 

1971: 26 December-13 January 1972: First West Indian Youth team from Barbados travels to St. Vincent  for mass teaching project. Pat Paccassi, co-coordinator, Errol  Sealy, youth trainee co-coordinator. Successful project and good story re: cable to UHJ. [AF/23.a:pr/c] [NL/21.Y]


L to R: Pat Paccassi, Richard Miller, Monica Braithwaite, Myralene Moore, Leroy Wharton, Burleigh Eastman, Errol Sealy, Lynn Paccassi


1971: December; Letter from UHJ to NSA LWVI, LSA's in Barbados to coincide with parish boundaries [AF/24]]


1972: January; Visit of Dr. Muhajir; visits Belleplaine and has meeting with friends at Paccassi residence.

1972: 27-30 March; Visit of Dr. and Mrs. Giachery.  27 March meet with NSA; 28 March, meet with Bah�'�s; 29 March, CBC 30 minute radio interview by Marvo Manning; 30 March meeting in Belleplaine at Paccassi's.

1972: 21-23 April; Formation of first National Spiritual Assembly  of the Windward Islands.  19 Delegates, held at University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, in the Main Arts Lecture Theatre. 


Amatu'l-Baha Ruhiyyih Khanum, seated centre, with veil,  represented the Universal House of  Justice.  She was accompanied by her cousin, Jan Chute.  They stayed 10 days on the Island and left Barbados to go to Panama for the Temple dedication.

  1972-3_1st_NSA_ Bds_ Wi_a  

1972: 22 or 23 April; 1st baby naming ceremony. Parents George and Norma Howard, child, Violete Suzette Marjorie.   Ruhiyyih Khanum and Marjorie Harmer as witness at National Convention.

1972: April; NSA asks Errol Sealy to be full time travel teacher. [AF/23.2]

1972: Early; Meetings are held in Haynes home. [PR PP]


1972: 5/6 August; An In-Depth Institute on The Hidden Words given by Dorothy Brunner, in Belleplaine, St. Andrew. [BNWI/2] USA team teaches in St. Lucy with 21 new Bah�'�s. [AF/24]

1972: 27 September-2 October; Public meetings & radio interview of CBC Alfred Osbourne. [BNWI/4] [PF:1 for details]

1972: 7 October; Signing of incorporation papers for NSA B/WI;[Note: the name of the NSA is now officially changed from "Windward Islands" to "Barbados and the Windward Islands", this is because Barbados government does not  consider itself part of the Windward  Islands.  

1972: October-December; follow up and consolidation plan details include conferences, meetings, travel teacher visits, local community deepening schedules, etc, see details in [PF:1].

____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1973: ??; NSA sends copy of "Trustee of the Merciful" to each LSA member in national area. [AF/23]

1973: 23 February; HND John Robarts speaks in Flint Hall Hazira and Paccassi home in Belleplaine. [AF/24]] 


Seated: Audrey and John Robarts;   Standing: L to R : Frank Paccassi, Andrew Maynard, Judith Paccassi, Pat Paccassi


1973: March; Shamsi Sedaghat sets up free radio programs on majority of islands she visits, including Barbados [PF/25-08]

1973: Easter Break; youth teaching project in Belleplaine; youth  team:  Hendrick Branch, Don Providence, Emmanuel Dick  from St. Vincent;  Laurie Fanning from Grenada; and Sammy Trutza from St. Lucia. [AF/23.2]

1973: 22 April; Philip Wood, Patricia & Frank Paccassi leave for 3rd International Convention. [BNWI/6]

1973: 26/27 May; 2nd National Convention held in Martin's Bay, St. John. [BNWI/6] Number of L.S.A.s increased from 17 to 27.  ABM Ruth Pringle represents CBC. New NSA: Edson Branch, of St. Vincent; Frank Farnum, Vice-Chairman; Shirley Howard of St. Vincent; St. Clair Lorde; Frank Paccassi, Treasurer; Patricia Paccassi; Karen Wood, Secretary; Philip Wood,  Chairman; Shirley Yarbrough, Recording Secretary. The other seven members are from Barbados. [BNWI/7] 

1973: Summer; Bank holiday excursion; big bus, lots of publicity, notice, bus hired to go around island picking up Bah�'�s.  Errol Sealy rode the bus,  but not one person got on bus.  [AF/23:prc]

1973: 4/5 August; Satellite Conference, CBC sponsored, represented by Carmen Burafato. [BNWI/7] Report: [BNWI/9]

1973: 8-15 August; regional teaching project, Daniel Sweeny of Montserrat; Harrison Mark of St. Lucia; Allister Philips of Grenada; Emmanuel Dick of St. Vincent; Lynn Haynes of Barbados; in Coach Hill and Watches, St. John [[BNWI/9]

1973: 21 August; Several meetings given by HND Dr. Varqa in Belleplaine, St. Andrew and St. John,[AF/24]]. [BNWI/10]


1973: September 30/1 October; Meetings with CBC Rowland Estall. [BNWI/10]

1973: 22-30 December; 9 Day Teacher Training Institute. at "Normandy at Sea", Martin's Bay; coordinated by Pat Paccassi and Shirley Yarbrough, CBC Counsellor Rowland Estall attends. 12 students from 3 islands  [BNWI/10] See full  report=PF:1


Kneeling: L to R: Leroy Wharton, ___, ____, Emmanuel Dick, Allister Phillips,

Standing: L to R: ___, Vivian Taylor-Estall, Rowland Estall,___, Selma Joseph, Shirley Yarbrough, Frank Paccassi, Clifton Joseph, Shirley Mather, ___, Judy Paccassi,  Shamsi Sedghat, Hopeton FitzHenley, Pat Paccassi


1974: 26-28 April; National Convention. [BNWI/12]. NSA: Philip Wood, Chairman; Carol Haynes, Secretary; Patricia Paccassi,  Recording Secretary; Frank Farnum, Vice Chairman; Edson Branch; Shirley Howard; Ida McCray; Horace Newton; Frank Paccassi, Treasurer.[BNWI/12]  Shirley Yarbrough appointed ABM. Dominica now in jurisdiction of Windward Islands. [BNWI/14] Jackie Stratton, Eve Johnson, Frank Fernandes make  declaration during time of convention, all originally from Guyana. [AF/23] Shamsi Tahirih Dona Joseph named in baby naming ceremony[AF/23

1974: May; first visit Hand of the Cause of God, Jalal Khazeh  [AF/23.a]  


Hand Khazeh with Auxillary Board Member, Shirley Yarbrough


1974: 12-13 July;  Teacher training institute. [AF/23.a]

1974: 13 October; NSA members meet with community at Flint Hall.  [BNWI/16, 17]

1974: 1 December; Institute on Covenant with ABM Shirley Yarbrough at Flint Hall. [BNWI/18]_________________________________________________________________________________________________

1975: ??; Deepening institutes given by Cora Oliver. [PF/25-08]

1975: January-April; Teaching Project in St. George. From March to May Hazel Lovelace from Alaska, & Pat Paccassi [BNWI/17,22,23]

1975: February; Appointment of ABMA, Errol Sealy. [BNWI/21]

1975: 22/23 February; 2-Day Conference with HND John Robarts telling stories. [BNWI/20] 


  1975_ Robarts_with_NSA_Bds_b  

L to R:  Pat Paccassi, Errol Sealy, Shirley Yarbrough, Phil Wood, Carol Haynes, Ida Mc Cray, Frank Paccassi, Mr. Robarts, Frank Farnum, and Mozart Newton


1975: 26/27 April; National Convention with CBC Rowland Estall. [BNWI/22,23]

1975: April; Youth Club Formed. Founding members: Leroy Wharton, Errol Sealy, Andrew Maynard, Judith Paccassi, Euclid Alleyne, Richard Miller, Vere Knight. [BNWI/23]

1975: August; for one week: First public meeting held at National Centre, Flint Hall, speaker, with Zylpha Mapp from East Africa; radio and newspaper interviews. [PF/25-08]

1975: 17 November; Elsie Mollie Snyder, age 90, first pioneer to die at her post in the Windward Islands, buried in Belleplaine, St. Andrew Parish Cemetery.

1975: 24 December; Program at National Centre with CBC Paul Lucas & TT Greg Dahl. [BNWI/25]

1975: 25 December; Youth session  & slide show "The Bah�'� World Community w/TT Greg Dahl [BNWI/25,26]


1976: January; 10 acres of land purchased for temple property in St. Lucy Parish. [AF.23.]

1976: 31 January; Wedding of Richard Miller & Marcia Hoyte held at the National Centre. [BNWI/27]

1976: 14/15 February; Teaching Institute co-sponsored by NTC & ABM. [BNWI/27]

1976: 22 February; Local conventions for election of delegates to the National convention held in 9 locations, details. [BNWI/27]

1976: March; Appointments of ABMA's: Yvette Clarke, Leroy Wharton, and Andrew Maynard. [BNWI/28]

1976: National Convention held this year in St. Vincent. Details. [BNWI/30]

1976: mid; Committees of NSA appointed. Details. [BNWI/30]

1976: July; Shelia Banani on TV re: UN project "Habitat". [AF/23.b]

1976: August; Beginning of Bah�'� Radio Program. [BNWI/31]

1976: Summer; Death of Governor General Sir Winston Scott. Letter of condolence sent. Details. [BNWI/31]

1976: 5 September; NTC sponsored evening with Reginald Barrow at National Bah�'� Centre. [BNWI/31]

1976: October; NTC sponsored event with Reginald Barrow in St. John. [BNBWI/31]

1976: October; Shamsi Sedaghat on TV re: women. [AF/23.b] interviews by "Advocate News"; lectures at: "Queen's College"; St. Michael's Girls School;  Modern High School; St. Leonard's Girls School; Radio Rediffusion interviews other  meetings, see full 12 November report. [PF/25-08][BNWI/32]

1976: 19 October; Robert Kidd spoke on Birth of The Bab at Flint Hall. [BNBWI/31]

1976: Audio visual materials, slides and projector, left to NSAWI.

1976: November; Meherangiz Munsiff gives radio & newspaper interviews. [BNWI/32]

1976: late; NSA by-election. Leroy Wharton & Victor Jackman to  replace Ida McCray (to USA) & Yvette Clarke (ABM) [BNWI/32]

1976: late; Appointment of Yvette Clarke Yvette_Clarkeas ABM. [BNWI/32]

1977: 29/30 January; Delegate elections, details. [BNWI/32]

1977: 12/13/February; Satellite Conference to Merida  [BNWI/32,33]  with Lynn  Haynes & Victor Jackman at Flint Hall [AF/23].

1977: February 19. Wedding at National Centre of Errol Sealy & Laurie Fanning  [BNWI/33]

1977: March 31. Report: Acquisition of National Centre in Bridgetown.  [24/M94]

1977: March: Hand Enoch Olinga met at airport with CBC TV cameras &  reporter [AF/23.b]

1977: April 21. 8 LSAs elected [BNWI/34]

1977: April 30-May 1: National Convention [BNWI/8,9] Elected: Errol Sealy,   Chair; Leroy. Wharton, V. Chair; Emily Kramer, Corresponding Sec.; Patricia  Paccassi,  Recording Sec.; Frank. Farnum, Treasurer.; Albert Segen;  Clifton  Joseph; Anthony Providence; Victor Jackman. [BNWI/34]

1977: May 20. Public Meet. with CBCs Estall & Osbourne.  [BNWI/34]

1977: May 22. Obedience to Assemblies Institute with CBCs Ahmadiyyih,  Burafato,  Lamb & Osbourne. Other institutes will be in August,  November, February. &  May on various subjects.  [BNWI/34]

1977: Mid. U.H.J . has assigned 5 more pioneering goals to area. [BNWI/35] 

1977: September 25. Institute: Alcohol & the Bah�'� Faith.  [BNWI/36]

1977: Late. Free Bi-monthly radio programs continue.  [BNWI/38]

1977: December 11. N.S.A. meets with L.S.A. members @ Centre. [BNWI/38]


1978: November 18: NSA members visit temple site in St. Lucy and put up sign of ownership(see photos)  [AF/23.2]


Left to Right: Jackie Stratton, Emily Kramer, Pat Paccassi, Eve Johnson


1978: November 26. Baby naming of Aaron Vahid Sealy @ Centre [BNWI/42

1979: February, early: Phil Wood spoke at United House of Prayer in Belleplaine & was well received  [AF/23][BNWI/43]

1979: February 9-11: National Teaching Conference  Phil Wood gave moving farewell speech as he was leaving to rejoin family in USA [AF/23]

1979: February. Yvette Clarke appointed ABM  [AF/23]

1979: February 9-11. National Teaching Conference Report. [BNWI/43]

1979: R�dvan. 11 LSAs elected.  [Arise/V1#1]

1979: ?? 6 day institute on Marriage

1979: December. Winter school at St. Johns, CBC, Paul Lucas attends, large attendance, plus overseas friends

             .        1979_Winter_School_Barbados 

Front row: ___? and children:; Faces in order, L to R: ___ Cuffy,  child, Aaron Sealy, Laurie Sealy, Andrew Maynard, Errol Sealy, CBC Paul Lucas, Yvette Clarke, Keith Bloodworth, Pat Paccassi, Shirley Yarbrough, Beverly March, Stephanie Bloodworth, ___, Frank Farnum, Moses Auguste, James Auguste, Child Ruhi Bloodworth, Pat Fanning, Eva Statz, ___

1979: ??: Monthly Women’s classes begin [AF/232 __________________________________________________________________________________________________

1980: ??: Information kits presented to prominent persons on 5  islands [AF/23.a]

1980: ??: Reginald Barrow dies. [AF/23]

1980: ?? : twice monthly, 15 minute radio programs start, become  weekly in '1982. [PF/25-08]

1980: March:  Hand John Robarts and Audrey visit home of Paccassi’s in Belleplaine, hold  meeting 

1980: April: first Marriage officers appointed [who?] [PF/25-08]

1980: October. Frank Farnum & Elizabeth Randall marry. [AF/23]

1980: December-January 1981: National Teaching Conference., large, well attended,  good media coverage. [AF/23.]_________________________________________________________________________________________________

1981: May 1-3: National Convention [AF/23] Formation  of first NSA of  Barbados, Hand of the Cause if God, Dr. Varqa attended representing the  UHJ.


1981: Roy Carlton pioneer from USA dies.[AF/23]

1981: Sybil Bailey dies [AF/23]


NOTE: My goal was to trace the growth and development of the Faith in the   islands from their beginnings, as far as I could find, up to the  formation of each ones own National Assembly. As 1981 was the  formation of the first NSA of Barbados, and the Windward Islands, this  is the cutoff date for this research document, the following years will  be done by other researchers.

This document is neither exhaustive nor definitive, we learn as we go, but  what I have now can be added to or changed as necessary.

Hopefully, I can put this material into a form which, through the medium of oral  history, will breathe the life into the bare facts and statistics.  I  feel that it is our stories and impressions and feelings that help to  convey the enormous process that is taking place in the Bah�'� World  during this period of development. I am only sorry that it was not done  earlier, we have lost so many stories already.

I truly appreciate all the help given to me in this research and can only hope it is helpful to others.  PP...November. 1994



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