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Alphabetical Lists of Pioneers and Travel Teachers


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Montserrat: Pioneers, Quote re: Pioneers and Pioneering, Travel Teachers, Quote re: travel teachers, and Events: 1965-1990 


Compiled by Patricia Paccassi as of 1988; revised 1991; October 1994, March 2010, July 2011

CODE: PIO:=pioneer;

Date enclosed in parenthesis [   ] is my data source:  see source page for details SOURCES


PIO: 1972: February to February 1973; Mr. Derek Norman & Sally Dacey,   Can.[AF/24.a] ___________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1975: May to 29 April 1983: Craig & Elizabeth Owens & family, USA  [LVI/pio-rep][PF/25-0.6] ___________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1977: ?? to November. 1977; Sarah (Sissy) Norton, USA to US St. John  [AF/24]

PIO: 1977: ?? to June 1977, Marci Clayton [AF/24] ___________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1981: September 16-August 1982, Gail Orner USA, on to Puerto Rico   [PF/25-0.6] ___________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1982: August-December, Farrokh & Maryam Rohani, Canada [PF/25-0.6]

PIO: 1982: November. Elizabeth & Craig Owens from Antigua [PF/25-0.6] ____________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1983: June 21 to ??; John & Judy Holly & 5 children  [NL/27;11-9] _____________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1984: April 1-September 85, Myles & Jill Ferrie, Canada, move to Antigua, then return to USA [PF/25-0.6]

PIO: 1984: December-July 85: Dennis & Goli Young, USA , medical  students [PF/25-0.6] ______________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1986: July. Laurie & Margaret Rowden, Canada [AF/24][PF/25-0.6] _______________________________________________________________________________________

Travel Teachers to Montserrat: 1965 to 1986

Compiled by Patricia Paccassi as of 1988; revised 1991;October.1994, 2010, July 2011

TT :=travel teacher from outside the national area;

TTP:=travel teacher and pioneer from within the national area;

TTL:=West Indian travel teacher;

HND:=Hand of the Cause of God;

CBC:=member of the Continental Board of Counsellors. ABM:=Auxiliary Board Member;

NSA:=member of a national spiritual assembly.


TT : 1965: August. David Scheiber, Hawaii, and Mr. Mc Kensie  Edward of Barbuda [NL/03.f]

TTP: 1965: Late, Melvin Barber, [St. Thomas] [NL/03.e]


TT : 1966: July 27-29 Francis Foss, USA [NL/03.g]


TTP: 1968: August. Frank & Patricia Paccassi, daughter, Judith.[NL/21 ]


TT : 1970: May to September. Glenn & Lois Lissner, USA. [NL/21.Q;& S]


TTS: 1973/4: ?? Ida Solomon & Marie Nadler [PF/25-ALP-NTC]

TTP: 1974: June 26: letter mentions Al Segen & Terry Madison  [AF/24]


TT : 1975: July & August, several days, Marilyn Phillips [PF/25-0.5]


TTP: 1976: October 2, weeks Shamsi Sedaghat, Trinidad [AF/31]


TT : 1977: August; several days Dr. Victor & Betty de Araujo, USA, Baha’i International Community  [AF/24][PF/25-0.5]


ABM: 1978: June 16-21, Shirley Mather, St. Thomas [AF/31] report in Island Bahá'í #21 [PF/25-0.5]

TTP: 1978: April-May, 2 months, Lynda-Reed Nedden, Antigua [PF/25-0.5]

TT : 1978: June. Karen Lindley, USA [AF/24]

ABM: 1978: July. Gladys Stewart, Belize [AF/24]


TT : 1980: August 8-22, Paul & Elli (?) Jacobi [PF/25-0.5]

ABM: 1980: August 25, 1-week, Shirley Yarbrough, Barbados [PF/25-0.5]

ABM: 1980: August 25, 1-week, Roy Massey, French Antilles [PF/25-0.5]

TT : 1980: November, 1-week, Ada Williams, England [PF/25-0.5]

TT : 1980: November, 2-weeks, Chris Cholas [AF/24][PF/25-0.5]


TT : 1981: August 13, 2 Days, Youth Team, USA [PF/25-0.6]


TT : 1982: March 26-April 2, Jerry & Connie Glassman, USA [PF/25-0.6]


CBC: 1983: November .23-25; Artemus Lamb [NL/27-11-11]


TTL: 86: ??: Desmond Brisport & Godfrey Nesbitt, St. Kitts, Witson  Joseph, Antigua [AF/24]



Compiled by Patricia Paccassi as of 1988; revised 1991; October 1994, March 2010, July 2011

NOTE: Montserrat is  linked administratively to the West Leewards, but events and travel teachers are listed separately for each island. 

NOTE: listed below are the NSA's who were responsible for the Leewards Islands and the dates the responsibility was assigned:


1953 South America/North America;

1957 Greater Antilles;

1962 Dominican Republic;

1964 United States;

1967 Leeward, Windward & Virgin Islands;

1972 Leeward & Virgin Islands;

1981 Leeward Islands;

1991 East Leeward Islands.

Key: LSA = Local Spiritual Assembly

NSA = National Spiritual Assembly


1965: August. David Schreiber, Knight of Bahá’u’lláh for Leeward  Islands and Mr. McKensie Edward of Barbuda first Bahá'í teachers.[NL/03.a]


1967 or 1968: Area 11 teaching committee runs pilot series of ads in newspapers listing contact address as there were no pioneers or active group. [NL/21.g]

1967: early believers, Mr. H. A. Fenton, Plymouth c/o Royal Bank , Mr Clement  & Mrs. Diana Alexander, Mr. Joseph Johnson, Mrs. Rebecca Pont, of Salem; Mr. William Semper, Fritz Village,  Salem; Mr. Hensie Fenton, St. Johns; Miss Frabcism CatGhout, St. Johns [PF/25-04.e] ____________________________________________________________________________________________

1968: August, Feast, teaching and visiting of Bahá'ís done by travel teachers, Paccassis. First 19 Day Feast held [NL/21.i]

1968 Aug Montserrat_a


1971: April, 2 LSA's formed, Salem and ?? St. John; reports says in November. 2 LSA's working, [AF/31]


1972: After; Bahá'ís of Montserrat play Bahá'í songs on steel drums (PIO Derek Dacey is there) [pr/5a]


1973: January: National Endowment acquired, Olveston, St. Peter. 14 957 sq. ft. [AF/24/M148][AF/24]


1975: June. no media activity as yet; few active local believers [AF/31]

1975: ??: Covenant-breaker Zimmer book in public library, removed as per CBC instructions [AF/31]

1975: October. Daniel Sweeny appointed ABMA; good activities started by Owen and Sweeny [AF/31.b]

1975: December. regular firesides Trails Village, St. Georges, St. Peters, e   [AF/24-m34]

1976: February. Book presented to Govenor-General by ?? [AF/31]

1976: April. Women's role proclaimed in St. Peters [AF/31.b]

1976: July. Owens, Rogers, Sweeny keep activities going, 2 LSA's functioning [AF/31]

1976: October.; Shamsi Sedaghat 10 minute radio interview, good media coverage [AF/31.b]


1977: March.; Post Merida-Satelite Conference  [AF/31b]

1977: April.  Rogers family to Barbados, no work permit [AF/31.b]

1977: August.; Summer School [??] [AF/31]

1977 August Montserrat Summer School_a

1977: August. Dr. Victor and Betty de Arrujo meet with Governor General and Government officials [AF/31]

1977: December & January;  Errol Bobby Martin starts children’s classes [AF/31]


1978: February. good activities continue, including radio program, Feast, etc. in St. Anthony [AF/31]

1978: June, S. Mather visits schools, Harris; Bethel Primary, plus  Salem., gives institute [AF/31]

1978: Early. Part of an 8 month, 4 island Teaching Project.   [AF/24/M36]

1978: August. report; Calypsonian from Nevis calls himself  "Bahá’u’lláh  the Weak One" newspaper spells it "Bahoula" story in file UHJ finally  says "no formal action"[AF/31] [AF/24-m34SM]


1979: ??: local Haziratu'l-Quds has been acquired [BE-29-3]

1979: ??; teaching project with ABMA's [AF/31]

1979: March. 29; LSA of Plymouth incorporated [AF/31.a]

1979: June report; good activities continue [AF/31.b]

1979: October or September, Hurricane David strikes Dominica badly, Errol Bobby Martin  and Julian Rogers help with Radio Antilles communication to the outside world.. Rogers instrumental in obtaining offer of aid from Kurt  Waldheim, secretary-general of the United Nations, for Dominica.  [PF/25-ALP]


1980: August 30/31. Joint regional teaching project, NSA/CBC   [AF/31][PF/25-0.5][PF/25-0.5]

1980: December 27/28: Winter School, 3 consecutive weekends [PF/25-0.5]

1980: SA 7-12: Radio Antilles daily morning and afternoon spots  [PF/25-0.5]


1981: ??; NSALI title deed for "Beachettes" property [see '1979, is this the same property?] [AF/31]

1981: February. Youth project, ??, need more info.[AF/31]

1981: April, AR lists nine & one half continuous Radio Antilles Bahá'í  programs [canceled in '1984 due to increasing costs] [AF/31]

1981: ??  7-12: Regional Teaching Conference. 1-day [PF/25-0.6]

1981: ??  7-12: Regional Institute on Bahá'í Life, 1-day [PF/25-0.6]

1981: ??  7-12: Youth Project co-sponsored  with International Goals Committee [PF/25-0.6]


1982: ??  1-6: National Youth Conference, 3 days [PF/25-0.6]

1982: March/April: Teach project with TT USA, 5 days [PF/25-0.6]

1982: Title to Bahá'í property, dated 1 March 1973 sent to NSALI  [AF/24] is the "Beachettes" property ?

1982: April. 5-14; Nine day fireside campaign dedicated to Dr. Muhajir who originally gave this suggestion



1985: October. report states teaching done by local believers [AF/31]


1989: October. 11: Hurricane Hugo hits very badly, ABMA, Errol [Bobby] Martin  broadcasts 50 straight hours, called "Montserrat's Hero Ham" by Governor General Turner for his efforts, on October. 11 '90 he is awarded a British Empire Medal, for "outstanding service.." The Island  DTC  books and records lost during the Hurricane [AF/31][PF/25-0.6]

1990: February 25: Family Day a huge success bringing together some of the friends who had not seen each other for a long time   [PF/25-0.6]

1990: AR: National Children's Committee (LI) continues providing youth & children w/Bahá'í Bulletin TENDER YEARS  [PF/25-0.6]


NOTE: My goal was to trace the growth and development of the Faith in the  islands from their beginnings, as far as I could find, up to the formation of each ones own National Assembly.  As 1991 was the formation of the first NSA of East Leeward Islands and  information is available from this time on in Antigua, I am using it as  the cutoff date for this research document. The following years will be  done by other researchers.

This document is neither exhaustive nor definitive, we learn as we go, but  what I have, and/or discover, will be changed  or added as necessary.

Hopefully, I can put this material into a form which, through the medium of oral  history, will breathe the life into the bare facts and statistics.  I feel that it is our stories and impressions and feelings that help to  convey the enormous process that is taking place in the Bahá'í World  during this period of development. I am only sorry that it was not done  earlier, we have lost so many stories already.

I truly appreciate all the help given to me in this research and can only hope it is helpful to others.  PP.. November  1994

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Published with permission of  the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the Leeward Islands 

Date: 2 May 2012
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