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St. Vincent:  Pioneers,Quote re: Pioneers and Pioneering, Travel Teachers ,Quote re: travel teachers, and Events:  1964 to 1983


Compiled by Patricia Paccassi as of 1988; revised April 1991, September 1994, June 2010, July 2010, September 2012



Note: Data enclosed in parenthesis [  ] is my reference source for the data: see source page for details SOURCES


1964: March 22, First Bah�'� on Island, Grenadian, Shirley Jackson [now Howard], became Bah�'� during a visit to Grenada,returned to her home in Edinboro,  St. Vincent and began teaching the Faith. More [NL/21.S]


Shirley Jackson [now Howard]



PIO: 1966: July-December 1969,  James Lamb from USA to Edinboro, later Young Island.[NL/17,01.a]


James Lamb



PIO: 1967: October 22-Fall 1969,  to St. Croix; Winifred Jerrels Winifred Jerrels St V & St T and mother, Gladys Smith, Gladys Smith - St Croix lived in Paul's Lot, Kingstown, from USA.

1969: Fall. Winifred Jerrels & Gladys Smith leave to go to St. Croix. [NL/21.O]


PIO: 1972: May-September,  Frank & Patricia Paccassi, daughters Lynn & Judith; &   grandmother Elsie Snyder: [from & to Barbados,]  USA [prc] _______________________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1973 or 1974: to August. 1974 Florence Rose,  Florence Rose BDS-Grnd via Grenada & Barbados: USA. Returning USA [BNWI/15] _______________________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1975: February 7-December 1977: Helen Marshall,  Helen Marshall - St VincentCanada [AF/18]   [BNWI/21] _______________________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1976: September 1-May 1980: Eva Statz, Eva Statz 1 - St Vin Canada, [AF/18:23.a:AF/18] (January-1979 to October-1979 in Dominica) [PF/25-0.11] _______________________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1980: June,  John & wife Sutton return to USA [AF/23.a]

PIO: 1980: August-October 18,1982, to St. Lucia: Barwiz & Negar Babahani  Negar and Barwiz Bahbahani ST L &  children,

 Nadia Bahbahani St Lucia Nadia and Laylia lalya Bahbahani Canada [AF/23.a] _______________________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1981: October 15-February 1984, to UK: David Wright: UK [AF/23.a] _______________________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1982: July to???, Ken & Marty Rutan, USA, via Panama [AF/23.a] SASR

PIO: 1982: June-August. to Samoa: David & Soraya Yarmartino, USA via St. Lucia

PIO: 1982: March-September 1985, Ike Bennett, Ike Bennet - St Vincent Canada [AF/23.a:AF/18]


PIO: 1982: August 4 to present (1991): Lisa Lisa Blake - St Vincent & James Blake & children, USA [AF/23.a]

PIO: 1983: September, Alex Blake to USA to study ________________________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1983: ?? to 91 to Haifa: Mr. Carl & Mrs. Tim Horn to Mustique, from Alaska 

PIO: 1983: June-December, Richard Pelligrino, Richie Pelligrino St Vincent USA to Mustique to Sion Hill  [AF/23.a] ________________________________________________________________________________________________

NOTE: see St. Vincent events for explanation of cutoff date... pp




Compiled by Patricia Paccassi as of 1988; revised 1991; November 1994, July 2010


TT: =travel teachers from outside the national area:

TTP:=travel teacher and pioneer from within the national area.

TTL:=West Indian travel teacher;

HND:=Hand of the Cause of God;

CBC:=member of the Continental Board of Counsellors;

ABM:=Auxiliary Board Member;

NSA:=member of a National Spiritual Assembly; ****************************************************************

TTP: 1965: October 27: Lorraine Landau [USA][B'ds][NL/03.f] [AF/23.a] _____________________________________________________________________________

TTP: 1965 or 1966: ??: Henrietta Trutza, St. Lucia  [IN/37]

TTP: 1966: February. 5: Lorraine Landau, Barbados; USA [AF/23.1]

TT : 1966:  February: Don Larson [AF/23.1]

TT : 1966: June 16-July 24: Jean Norris, USA [AF/23.1]

TT : 1966: June 23-August 10, Barbara Smith [AF/23.1]

TT : 1966: July 3-days: Erica Reich, Joel Noyes, Bob Cronin [AF/23.1]

TTP: 1966: September 12-17 Katherine Meyer, St. Thomas [NL/03.h] _____________________________________________________________________________

ABM: 1967: November. Ellsworth Blackwell from Haiti  [PF/25-09.a]

TTS: 1967: December. Leslie & Rhoda Vaughn, USA  [PF/25-ALPkm] _____________________________________________________________________________

TTP: 1968: February. Henrietta Trutza from St. Lucia  [NL/21.f]

TTP: 1968: August. Frank & Pat Paccassi, daughter, Judith  [NL/21.i]

TTP: 1968: October 26-28  Katharine Meyer, St. Thomas  [NL/21.j]  Report  [PF/25-0.4G]

TTL: 1968: December. George Howard of St. Vincent, to Grenadines  [PF/25-09.a] ______________________________________________________________________________

TTP: 1969: July,  Lorana Kerfoot, St. Thomas & Henrietta Trutza, St. Lucia, also to Union Island [NL/21.N] 

TTP: 1969: July 17-August 3, Patricia & Judith Paccassi, from St. Thomas. includes good story about Edson Branch's declaration.) [NL/21.N]

CBC: 1969: November 10-16, Alfred Osbourne. All meetings held at home of Edith Hurst. [NL/21.O, NL/21.P, NL/21.Q]

TTP: 1969: October. Beverlee & son Joel, Miller, Grenada, also to Union Island  and Canouan [NL/21.P] [PF/25-09.a] _______________________________________________________________________________

HND: 1970: May 12-17:  'Amat'ul-Baha Ruhiyyih Khanum with  Violet Nakhjavani  [NL/21.R; Nl/21.S][PF/25-0.4G]


Amatu'l-Baha Ruhi�yyih Khanum (1910-2000) Appointed by Shoghi Effendi 26 March 1952


HND: 1970: September. Enoch  Olinga  NL/21.T] [PF/25-09.a]


Enoch Olinga (1926-1979)  Appointed by Shoghi Effendi in final Contingent of Hands  in October 1957


TTL: 1970: November. Shirley Howard of St. Vincent to Union Island [PR:3]

TT : 1970: December.; Herbert Richardson [AF/23.a][NL/21.V]

TTL: 1970: December/January. Edith Hurst and Don Providence of St. Vincent and Dudley Cunnings [USA?] to Canouan [PF/25-09.a]


ABM: 1971: November 27: Marjorie Harmer, St. Thomas  [AF/23.a] [NL/21.Y] TTP: 1971: November 27:  Karen Wood , Barbados  [AF/23.a]

TT : 1971: December.: Jim Taylor & Dr. Khelghati  [AF/23] _________________________________________________________________________________________

TT : 1972: January. 18-25 Ruth & Clyde Johnson & Peter Craigwall   [AF/23]

TT:  1972: Summer: Joyce Owen and brother Kevin Green; plus Marta Kelsey:



TT: 1973: summer: Nancy Gorton from California, stayed with Branch family [PR]

CBC: 1973: August 9-10, Artemus Lamb [BNWI/8]

CBC: 1973: August. Carmen Burafato [BNWI/8]E

CBC: 1973: October 3,  Rowland Estall [BNWI/10] _________________________________________________________________________________________

CBC: 1974: December. 24-27: Artemus Lamb [AF/23.a] _________________________________________________________________________________________

CBC: 1975: Early. Artemus Lamb. [BNWI/20]

TT : 1975: June 1-21: Hazel Lovelace, Alaska [AF/23.a]

ABM: 1975: December. 13-14: Shirley Yarbrough, Barbados [AF/23.a]

CBC: 1975: December. 22-24: Paul Lucas [AF/23.a]

ABM: 1975: December. 22,23: Shirley Yarbrough, Barbados  [BNWI/25] _________________________________________________________________________________________

ABM: 1976: May 2 weeks: Shirley Yarbrough, Barbados   [AF/23.a]

TTL: 1976:  May  2 weeks: Leroy Wharton, Barbados   [BNWI/30]

TT : 1976: July. a few days; Shelia Banani, USA [IN/37]

TT : 1976: November. 9-19: Shamsi Sedaghat, pioneer to Trinidad [AF/23.a]

TT : 1976: December. 10-12: Meherangiz Munsiff, UK  [AF/23.a]

HND: 1977: March 13, Enoch Olinga & wife, Elizabeth  [AF/23.a][24/M134]

CBC: 1977: Mid. Artemus Lamb [ BNWI/34]

TTP: 1977: Mid; Shamsi Sedaghat, Trinidad [PF/25-ALPhm]

TT : 1977: Mid; Meherangiz Munsiff, UK, [PF/25-ALPhm]

CBC: 1977: Late. Rowland Estall [BNWI/38]

TTP: 1977: September. Stephanie Bloodworth, St. Lucia [PF/25-0.11]

TTL: 1977: December. Clifton Joseph, from Grenada [PF/25-ALP-cj] _________________________________________________________________________________________

TT : 1978: April: Bill Lemmon, Canada [PF/25-0.11]

TTP: 1978: ??; Shamsi Sedaghat, Trinidad [PF/25-04dntc] _________________________________________________________________________________________

TT : 1979: January. 30-31:__ Mathias USA, Grenada   [AF/2

HND: 1979: April 24-26. National Convention with Dr.Ali Muhammad  Varqa presence. Report [Arise/V1#1]


Ali� Muhammad Varqa (1911-2007)  Appointed by Shoghi Effendi 15 November 1955


CBC: 1979: April 24-26. Ruth  Pringle   [Arise/V1#1]

TT : 1979: August. Val Carnegie, Jamaica   [AF/23.a]

TT : 1979: August. Chris Humble, Canada  [AF/23.a]

TTL: 1979: August. Eve Johnson, Barbados   [AF/23.a]

ABM: 1979: August. Shirley Yarbrough, Barbados  [AF/23.a]

ABM: 1979: August. Yvette Clarke, Barbados   [AF/23.a]

TT : 1979: August. Linda Reed-Nedden, St. Thomas or Barbuda  [AF/23.a]

TTP: 1979: September-January. 1980: Edith Johnson, Dominica (after Hurricane)  [AF/23.a]

TT : 1979: September,  F. Farghani, Iran [AF/23.a]

TT : 1979: October. Aziz & Malek Ghalili, USA [AF/23.a]

CBC: 1979: October 10-12: Paul Lucas [AF/23.a]

HND: 1979: November. 4-6;  Dr. Rahmat'u'llah Muhajir  [AF/23.a;23/2] (was he here in June as well, needs checking..pp)


Rahmatu'llah Muhajir (1923-1979) Appointed by Shoghi Effendi in final Contingent of Hands in October  1957


TTP: 1979: December. 23-28; Beverley March, St. Lucia   [AF/23.a] _____________________________________________________________________________________

TT : 1980: January. 4 months: Arthur Irwin, Canada  [AF/23.a]

TT : 1980: February. 3 months: Lily Ann Irwin, & Rose Delomey Canada   [AF/23.a]

TT : 1980: May 22, 3 weeks: Marian West, USA [AF/23.a]

TTP: 1980: October: 2 weeks, John Rushford, Antigua  [PF/25-0.5]

TT : 1980: November. 5-9: Meherangiz Munsiff & Gol Aidun UK & Canada   [AF/23.a]

TTP: 1980: November. Charles Fitzsimmons,  Martinique   [AF/23.a]

TTP::1980: November, 1-week: John Rushford, Antigua   [AF/23.a]

TT : 1980: November, Gerry Wynen  [AF/23.a]

TT : 1980: December, Michael and Chris Day, New Zealand


TT : 1981: January, 2-weeks: P.& N. Doherty  [AF/23.a]

TT : 1981: January. Diana Buss, Canada  [AF/23.a]

TT : 1981: January. Dr. & J. Aidun   [AF/23.a]

TT : 1981: January. Mr. & Mrs. Mitra Paul, UK  [AF/23.a]

TT : 1981: February-March, Fred & Betty Karpus  [AF/23.a]

TT : 1981: February-March, Jeff Ramey  [AF/23.a]

TT : 1981: March. Bud & Mynra Davis  [AF/23.a]

HND: 1981: April, Dr. Varqa  [AF/23.]

TT : 1981: June,  Meridith Johnson USA [AF/23.a]

TT : 1981: November 25-29, Edna Caverly, pioneer to Trinidad   [AF/23.a]

TTL: 1981: December 18, for 14 days, Oliver Deazle, St. Vincent   [PF/25-0.6] _________________________________________________________________________________________

TTs: 1982: January, Arthur Irwin & Earl Healy, Canada  [PF/25-0.11]

TT : 1982: June 26-28: Meherangiz Munsiff, UK  [AF/23.a]

CBC: 1982: June 28-July 1,  Ruth Pringle   [AF/23.a]

TT : 1982: August,  14-31: Summer School & project:  Will Sutter, Eleanor Olesov, Parker Mc Kee,  Darrel Medcalf,  and Dr. Khozom:  TTP & TTL: August. Helen Delphus, Judith  Paccassi, Juliana Auguste,  [St. Lucia NSA]: Pat & Frank Paccassi,  Stephanie & Keith Bloodworth] TTP: Richard Pelligrino, St. Lucia or St. Vincent [AF/23.]

CBC: 1982: October. 8-12: Ruth Pringle [AF/23.a]

TTP: 1982: November 3 months: Bobby & Dorothy Freeman, USA via Barbados.  __________________________________________________________________________________________

TT : 1983: March 2, 2 days, Youseff Vijeh, USA   [PF/25-0.4C]

TT : 1983: March 2: 2 days, Celeste Hicks, USA   [PF/25-0.4C]

TT : 1983: May 24: ???, Pauline Glasgow, UK   [PF/25-0.4C]

TT : 1983: August. 2 weeks: Shoreh ??  [AF/23.a]

TT : 1983: August. 1 week: Sylvia Manor, USA  [AF/23.a] TT : 1983: December. 1 week: Donna Horn   [AF/23.a]

TTs: 1984: September 2 weeks, Mitra & Gaye G


Compiled by Patricia Paccassi as of 1988; revised April 1991; November 1994; July 2010

NOTE: listed below are the NSA's who were responsible for the Virgin Islands  and the dates the responsibility was assigned:


1953 South America;

1957 Greater Antilles;

1962 Brazil;

*1964 United States;

1967 Leeward, Windward & Virgin Islands;

1972 Windward Islands;(later Barbados & WI)

1981 Windward Islands

1983 Grenada & St, Vincent;

1984 St. Vincent.

*=First time listed specifically instead of being included as part of a larger   grouping; i.e. "Windward Islands"

Key: LSA = Local Spiritual Assembly   NSA = National Spiritual Assembly   UHJ = Universal House of Justice

       CBC = Continental Board of Counsellors   ABM = Auxillary Board Member

NOTE: St. Vincent and the Grenadines are linked administratively, but events  and travel teachers will be listed separately for each island. However,  events which cover the area in general will be reported here.

NOTE: on August 29, 1939, Reginald Grant Barrow and Mrs. Muriel Ives-Barrow who are then living in New York, offer to NSA of USA/Canada to pioneer to St. Vincent and live on and off land inherited from his parents.  They were advised by the Inter America Committee that if they had American citizenship they could not return to the Windward Islands, but that if he had retained his British Citizenship status, it was all right.  No answer came from the Barrows after this. It is to be noted that several years later, Mr. Barrow returned to Barbados.


1964: 22 March: First Bah�'� on Island:. Grenadian, Shirley Jackson [now  Howard], became Bah�'� during a visit to Grenada, returned to her home in Edinboro, St. Vincent and began teaching the Faith. First to enroll is  George Howard future brother-in-law] [NL/21.S] ____________________________________________________________________________________

1965: activities and meetings continue,

1965: December. report of activities from Lorraine Landau  [where is the report?] ____________________________________________________________________________________

1966: ?? continues for 3 years; George Howard writes articles on Faith for weekly  "Vincentian" [IN/37]

1966  ??; Jim Lamb starts children’s classes in Edinboro, was helped by Ferand Jalali [IN/37]

1966: April,  R�dvan message calls for formation of NSALWVI at R�dvan April 1967 [NL/03.g]

1966: June 16-July 24,  Jean Norris visits and stays in Edinboro, [extensive written report of activities], includes first books [7] into public library to Mrs. Smalls, librarian, 16 June to August. Barbara Smith [with Jean Norris] in  Edinboro.  Membership list of early believers by Miss Norris: Shirley Jackson, St. Clair  Mason, Sylvia Ash, Germine John, Geo.Howard, Kenneth Doyle, Cornelius Howe, Noreen Herbers, Esmond Joseph, Luther Howard, Rubina Joseph, Edna Howard,  Vinty Sandy, Hannah Pompey, Yvonne Anderson (Y), Rudolph Lewis (Y), Gurrie Hamilton (Chateaubelair), Cyril Roberts (New enrollment)

opaul, Canada  [PF/25-0.6]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ******************************


  1966 Team to St Vincent_a  

1966: September 12; Firesides held by Katherine Meyer, Jim Lamb arranges [NL/03.i]


???????: when did Edith Hurst become a Bah�'�?, meetings were held in her house  and she and Beverlee Miller travel teach in Grenadines

1967: 1st. part of year: Early believer, Julian Ferguson [NL/21.a]

1967: April,  First LSA Kingstown(including Edinboro) elected.[NL/21.a]

1967: May/June?; Early believers; Rudolph Telesford, Edinboro;  Eden Phyke (Y) Edinboro  [NL/21.b]

1967: August.?; Early believer; Beula Barbow. [NL/21.c]

1968: January. Check; Egbert Barrett of Carriacou and George Pilgrim were to have made a teaching trip to the Grenadines[NL/21.d]

1968: March. Brigadier Clementina Leopld of the Salvation Army welcomed the Bah�'�s to the island at an observance of World Religion Day.[NL/21.f]

1968: August. Visit of Paccassi family, Patricia, Frank and Judith, Edson  Branch enrolls. Other enrollments as well but not names listed in  newsletter. [NL/21.i]

1968: October. Slides & visits to local Bah�'�s during visit of Katharine Meyer; [NL/21.j]


1969:  Edith Hurst becomes a Baha'i; meetings were held in her house and she and Beverlee Miller travel teach in Grenadines

1969: Early, New believer: Anthony (Don) Providence [NL/21.L]

1969: mid. National Institute held in Kingstown. [NL/21.N]

1969: July/August, Patricia Paccassi and daughter, Judith visit (seen at right in photo) and also travel teaching to Union Island, enrolls first believers (12)  on the Island. [12].[PF:3]

  1969 Aug -St. Vincent w-- Pat & Judy Paccassi _a  

1969: Fall. New believers: Cornelius McKenzie, Leonard Fallon Harper, Carlton J. Stoute, Mr. Louraine George. [NL/21.O] Zelma Joseph [NL/21.P]

1969: ??; Harper & George Howard teach and open up Clair Valley [IN/37]

1969: December 16 Very nice letter from Edith Hurst. [NL/21.Q]

1970: Early. New believer. Kenneth O. Williams (Y). [NL/21.R]

1970: April. LSA of Kingstown Separates and two LSA's are formed, Kingstown  and Edinboro [BE/29.9]

1970: May: Ruhiyyih Khanum and Violet Nakjavani visit with friends and with George Howard meet Administrator, Mr.Hywell George, [BE/29.9] [IN/37]

1970: Mid. New believers: Kingstown: Enid Carty, Rita Maryshow, Bronette Richards,  Maurice Toney. Edinboro: Estsina Daisy, Norma Howard.[NL/21.S] 

1970: September, Enoch Olinga (1st. visit,) goes to St. Charlotte, St. George  speaks at Grammar School in Kingstown and Mariaqua Centre  [PF:3] 

1970: Fall. Edith Hurst appointed a Circuit Teacher [NL/21.T]

1970: Fall. New Believers: Mary Brown; Treasury reps appointed 12 islands including St. Vincent [AF/23] [NL/21.

1970: Late: New Believers: Conrad F. Hinds, Alvin Edwards.  [NL/21.U]

1970: December: Vincentian Bah�'� residing in Long Island, New York, brought tape from his community to St. Vincent. St. Vincent Bah�'�s made tape for Bahai's on Long Island. [NL/21.V]

1971: February 20, March 6 & 27, April 3 & 10 Vincentian carried letters to editor from Bah�'� Community. [NL/21.W]

1971: Treasury reps appointed 12 islands including St. Vincent[AF/23]

1971: Early. New Believers. Lloyd Arnold Providence, Agatha Richards, Agnes Richards, Patricia Williams, Dorica Lewis,  Ena Slater, Wm. Adolphus Francois. [NL/21.W]

1971: April-June, 6 weeks. 14 new believers [NSAL/A]

1971: November 6-7, 1st meeting of NTC of Windward Is. [NL/21.Y]

1971: December 26-13 January 1972: First West Indian Youth team travels comes for mass teaching   project. Patricia Paccassi, co-ordinator, Errol Sealy, youth trainee co-ordinator. Successful project and good story re: cable to UHJ. [AF/23.a:pr/c] [NL/21.Y]

  1971 Team Full plus Iris_a  

 Full Team with both Barbados and St Vincent participants, plus Iris  Guinalls from Puerto Rico:

L to R: Errol Sealy. Pat Paccassi, Iris Guinalls. Hendrick Branch, Burleigh Eastman, Don Providence, Lynn Paccassi, ??, Monica Braithwaite, Richard Miller, Leroy Wharton, Myraleen Moore



1972: January. 15: Cable from UHJ to NTC WI in response to cable from teaching team:  "Overjoyed outstanding success Saint Vincent  Mass Teaching  Express our warm commendations West Indian Team Their praise-worthy efforts STOP Urge immediate follow  up deepen new believers begin process development prospective new community STOP Assure prayers Shrines your devoted labours expand Faith.[AF/23.2]

1972: April,  NSA askes Don Providence to be full time travel teacher [AF/23.2]

TT:  1972: Summer: Joyce Owen and brother Kevin Green; plus Marta Kelsey:

  1972 St Vincent Joyce Owen visit plus Marta Kelsey_a  

Left to Right: Patricia Paccassi, Lynn Paccassi, Kevin Kelsey, Marta  Kelsey, Hendrick Branch, Judith Paccassi, Joyce Owen, Frank Paccassi, Emmanuel Dick



1973: Mid: Shirley Howard consulted with Christian Church Council.  [BNWI/10]

1973: October. CBC Rowland Estall & friends present books to Premier Mitchell [PF/25-04aBWI]

1973: November. Letter from NSA asking that Grenada archive material be turned over to Ida McCray.[AF/23.2] NOTE: this material was later asked to be brought to National Centre (Barbados) and was lost by airline.[PR/1]


1974: June 15 1st wedding NSA area. Allister Phillips & Evelyn McFay. Held at Stoney Ground. [BNWI/15]

1974: December 22-31, National Teaching Conf.[AF/23] [BNWI/14,16,17]

1974: ??: New Era Youth group forms (all Vincentians, lasts for several years) [AF/23.2]

1975: January-April. Teaching Project. [BNWI/17,18,20]

1975: February: Don Providence made an assistant to the  Auxillary Board Member, Shirley Yarbrough.   [AF/23.2]  [BNWI/21]

1975: February 1, Youth Club Formed. Members: Don Providence; Emmanuel Dick; Joyceline & Yvonne Jacobs; Hendrick Branch. [BNWI/21]

1975: June.; week long institute given by Hazel Lovelace, well attended [PF/25-ALPhm] Nice article in News paper.


1975: December 22. Youth Session with CBC & ABM Paul Lucas & Shirley Yarbrough   [BNWI/25]


1976: February 22. Local conventions for delegates to National Convention  held at 3 locations,  details [BNWI/27]

1976: early: Deepenings @ Helen Marshall's, & two day teaching conference along with two seminars on LSA consultation in St. George. LSA also publishes a Bah�'� News. [BNWI/30]

photo below: standing, L to R: Anthony "Don" Providence, ??, Lennox "Junie" Sutherland, George Howard,

seated L to R: Edson Branch, Helen Marshall, Shirley Howard, ??, Emmanuel Dick

  St. Vincent w - Helen Marshal, 1975_a  

1976: April 23-25. National Convention held @ Miller's Guest House [BNWI/28] CBC Osbourne, ABM Yarbrough, convention chair & sec. Errol Sealy & Ida McCray. New NSA: Philip Wood, Chairman; Patricia Paccassi, Secretary; Frank Paccassi, Treasurer  Eve Johnson, Recording Sec.; Errol Sealy; Anthony Providence, Graeme Stratton, Ida McCray; Yvette Clarke. details, committees named  [BNWI/30]

1976: April. Emmanuel Dick appointed ABMA. [BNWI/30]

1976: ??:Lennox Sutherland resigns from New Era Youth group.   A.F/23.2]

1976: ??: Notice sent that Bah�'� News would be sent to those who  returned the enclosed card.(story in Barraoulie)[AF/23.2]

1976: July 27: Presentation of Bah�'� books to Governor General, Sir Rupert John; by TT Shelia Banani. George Howard, Shirley  Howard, Don Providence.[AF/23.2]

1976: September: LSA St. George obtains their local Centre. [BNWI/32] stays open with Marshall and Statz living there [PF/25-0.11] Adult Education classes are started, English, Math, 45 registered students. Mrs. Marshall becomes ill due to cement dust from below and they are forced to move and Centre closes in early to mid '1977 [PF/25-ALPhm]


1977: Early. District Teaching Committee appointed to direct teaching plan for island for last two years of  5-Year plan. [BNWI/33]

1977: ??: visit of Hand Enoch Olinga and wife Elizabeth. Shirley Howard (center) meets them at airport

  1977 Enoch & Elizabeth Olinga_a  

1977: February. Report of Merida Conference by Edson Branch & Don Providence [BNWI/33]

1977: February 8 on. Series of Adult Bah�'� Education Programs to start with Myron Dellimore. [BNWI/33]

1977: early; Bah�'� books put on sale in 2 retail book stores [PF/25-ALPes]

1977: April 21. 5 L.S.A.s elected. [BNWI/34]

1977: Mid. Distinctive Character of Bah�'� Life Institute with CBC Artemus Lamb. [BNWI/34]

1977: September 25. Institute on Alcohol & the Bah�'� Faith  [BNWI/36]

1977: December 12. Meeting with NSA Representatives Anthony Providence & Clifton Joseph   [BNWI/38] _____________________________________________________________________________________________

1978: February; Jim Sutherland becomes Bah�'�;  in December. wife, Melanie (this  family later decides to stop selling alcohol in family shop) [AF/23.3]

1978: early; good activities in Barraoulie due to Gabriel Neverson's efforts. [PF/25-ALPgn  ______________________________________________________________________________________________

1979: January. House rented in Barraoulie for Bah�'� Centre, Marian West from USA stays in Centre, Cuffy Bentley, local person in charge of centre. [AF/23.2] CHECK: was a centre rented in Keartons as well?

1979: August. ABM institute and teaching project. Val Carnegie coordinator, 150 enrollments. [AF/23.a]

1979: November 4-6: Dr. Muhajir visits [4th.]  Barraoulie, Kearton, Kingstown; [5th.] Teacher  Training College, Girl's High School visits Claire Valley, Kingstown: [6th.] Media interviews.   [AF/23.2]  ______________________________________________________________________________________________

1980: ??: Information kits presented to prominent persons.[AF/23.a]

1980: April, National Convention, [AF/23]


1980: Mid: Summer School [AF/23]

1980: November. District Haziratu-l'Quds "Ness Cottage" in Sion Hill acquired. Gerry Wynen comes to help renovate.[AF/23]


1981: April 24-26, First formation of NSA of Windward Islands, St. Vincent, Grenada, St. Lucia & Dominica, Hand Dr. Varqa attends, representing UHJ, (seen left in photo below);

  1981 Formation NSA WI in St Vincen t - 3t_a  

1981: April 26. Public meeting with HND Dr. Varqa. [BNWI/19]

1981: July 19-26; Summer School held [AF/23.2]

1981: November. Teaching project held in Sandy Bay, Owia, Fancy, Byera. Coordinated by Lynn Berry [AF/23.a]

1981: December. 1-30: Teaching project in name of Eva Statz.[AF/23.a] ______________________________________________________________________________________________

1982: March 8-18: Carib teaching in Sandy Bay. [AF/23.a]

1982: August. Summer School &  teaching project in Claire Valley. Large project, see report [AF/23.a]

1982: Mid; NSA considers tearing down Ness Cottage and erecting a  Geodesic Dome [Af/23.2]

1982: November. Extensive renovations begin on Ness Cottage by Bobby Freeman [AF/23]

1982: November 27-28: Weekend teacher training institute. [AF/23.a]

1982 to 1983: May to April and not listed above:[PF:3] a) new youth club formed; b) 2 spiritual enrichment institutes; c) 1 child education institute;  d) 1 weekend home front teacher training institute;  e) 1-2 week training institute;  f) books or interviews with prominent persons

1982: December 21-January 2, Teacher training institute [AF/23.3], Lynn & Richard Berry coordinate;, 10 students from all Windward Islands; full report in files [PF/25-ALP] ______________________________________________________________________________________________

1983: December. NSA requests from government to allow Edson Branch in Kingstown and Shirley  Howard in Edinboro to serve as Marriage officers (?? did this happen) [AF/23.3] ______________________________________________________________________________________________

1984: January. Lisa Blake appointed as ABM propagation for St. Vincent, Grenada & Dominica. [AL/23]


NOTE: My goal was to trace the growth and development of the Faith in the  islands from their beginnings, as far as I could find, up to the formation of each ones own National Assembly.  As 1984 was the formation of the first NSA of St. Vincent &  Grenadines, and information is available from this time on in St.  Vincent, I am using it as the cutoff date for this research document.  The following years will be done by other researchers.

This document is neither exhaustive nor definitive, we learn as we go, but  what I have, and/or discover, will be passed onto each national office,  including a copy of the forthcoming video.

Hopefully, I can put this material into a form which, through the medium of oral  history, will breathe the life into the bare facts and statistics.  I feel that it is our stories and impressions and feelings that help to  convey the enormous process that is taking place in the Bah�'� World  during this period of development. I am only sorry that it was not done  earlier, we have lost so many stories already.

I truly appreciate all the help given to me in this research and can only hope it is helpful to others.  PP. November. 1994


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September 2011

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