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St. Lucia: Pioneers, Quote re: Pioneers and Pioneering Travel Teachers Quote re: travel teachers, and Events:  1953  to 1983


Compiled by Patricia Paccassi as of 1988; revised April 1991; October 1994, March 2010, July 2011, September 2012

CODE: PIO:= pioneer

Note: the information  contained in   [ ]  is the source  of the data:  see source page for details  SOURCES



PIO: 1953: October. 13; Esther Evans 1975 crop 2  Esther Evans_b   arrives from USA, gains title of 

Knight of  Bah�’u’ll�h for Windward Islands. Lives Villa Hotel,  Castries, 6  weeks;  to La Toc; to Cap Estate. She  passed away at her post 17 October 1989. Follow this link for more information on Mrs. Evans.A_Chat_ with_Esther_Evans

PIO: 1953: October 13 to August 1954: Lillian Middlemast arrives from USA with Mrs. Evans,  leaves one year later, also has title of Knight of Bah�’u’ll�h ____________________________________________________________________________________


PIO: 1954: August 20, Middlemast leaves, _____________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1964: September. 8: Mr. Carrol & Gloria & male child, Hoepner;  exact dates not known, but, were in St. Lucia as of this date, stayed a year and a half, lived with Mrs. Esther Evans [interviews with Mrs. Evans & AF/01] _____________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1965: March, Philip Trutza (USA); June, Henrietta and Sammy  Trutza (Y), Robert Paul Buder (Y)  and Ann Buder (Y)  [to  December 1966; NL/03.i], children of Henrietta, check dates,   3rd. month,  September, shows up in Barbados newsletter (February 1966), live in  Pavee Road, Castries [prc]  1969: May issue BNLA #12 Henrietta  to St. Croix for several months _____________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1968: late to March 1972: Martha Hocker Martha Hocker - St Lucia from USA [PF/24-ALPmh]  _____________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1976; April, Max and Judy Friedman, Canada, one year commitment [BNWI/6] _____________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1977; July to October: Mr. & Mrs. Izadinia from Panama to Iran.

PIO: 1977: October 4 to March 2, 1990: Frank & Patricia Paccassi Pat and Frank in  BDS &  daughter, Judith, Judy Paccassi BDS USA via  St. Thomas, Barbados, Dominica to  Trinidad. Judith leaves to USA mid 1987. Family Lives in Castries, then  Ciceron. ______________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1978: January 16 (to-August 1981) Beverley March,  1979_Beverly_March_thumb from & to Jamaica: lives with Paccassi's in Castries [prc] [PF/25-ALP]

PIO: 1978: August. to August. 1979, to Haifa: Emily Kramer, Emily Kramer  2 STL USA, via Barbados [AF/P] lives in Laborie [prc]

PIO: 1978: November. (to August 1983) Keith, Stephanie Bloodworths STL & child

 Ruh’u'llah,  Ruhi Bloodworth - baby St Lucia Bloodworth  arrive from Canada.  Return January 87 to March 90 to Canada. First trip  live in Dennery, Gros Islet, & Marisule.  Second trip in  Castries.

PIO: 1978: December-November 1979, to Grenada, Berrys in St Lucia Lynn, Richard Berry,

& child, Ian  from St. Croix  post (US); lived in Castries with Lynn's parents, the Paccassi’s. Second  son, Sean born here. ____________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1981: March. Doug, Jennifer Wright and child Tory arrive. June or July, Wrights leave, child Tory health reasons

PIO: 1981: March to ?:Jeanne Jeanne Samari  - St Lucia & Soheyl  Soheil Samari St Lucia Samari, from USA, live in La Fargue  [prc]

PIO: 1981: Early to June 1982 : David Yarmartino, David Yarmartino STL from USA, lives in LaFargue, to St. Vincent.

PIO: 1981: August. to June 1982, St. Vincent: Soraya Golbarani Soyara Yamartino - St Lucia from USA for teaching project; marries David Yarmartino, stays as pioneer. [AF/Pac]

PIO: 1981: August. Beverly March leaves area, resigns as ABM

PIO: 1981: September 7 to August 85, Marjorie & Larry Clarke, children, Andrea, Angela,  Canada;  Clarke family 2 live in Gros Islet, Castries, & Soufriere  [AF/18:prc]

PIO: 1981: December. to present [1992] Nancy Cole  Nancy Cole.2jpg [now Auguste],USA, lived in Castries & Marisule. __________________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1982: February. Barbara Hudson  Barbara Hudson St L arrives from USA, settles in Augier then Castries. [prc]

PIO: 1982: October. Barwiz, & Negar,  children, Layli and Nadia Bahbahani Negar and Barwiz Bahbahani ST L arrive from St. Vincent post, Canada, live in Castries.[prc] ___________________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1983: Tommy Tommy Lang - St Lucia and Janet Lang Janet Lang - St Lucia from USA. leave in in 1986

PIO: 1983: August. to 1991: Arthur Irwin, Arthur Irwin - St Lucia Canada, lived in Marisule & Soufriere [AF/18:prc]

PIO: 1983: December. to May 1985: Wayne Carey Wayne Carey St L [youth], Canada, lives with Arthur Irwin in Marisule. [AF/18:prc] ____________________________________________________________________________________________



Compiled by Patricia Paccassi as of 1988; revised April 1991; November. 1992; October 1994, March 2010, July 2011


HND:=Hand of the Cause of God ( Link to further information on the  Hands Visits to St Lucia )

CBC:=Continental Board of Counsellor      ABM:=Auxilliary Board Member

TT :=travel teacher   TTs:=travel teachers   TTP:=travel teacher who is also a pioneer in this area

TTL:=West Indian travel teacher

NSA:=member of a national spiritual assembly

TTP: 1965: September. Melvin Barber, St. Thomas, __________________________________________________________________________________

TT:  1966: January.  Don Larsen, US

TTs: 1966: July, 15-17; Jean Norris and Barbara Smith US

TT : 1966: July, Francis Foss, USA [NL/03.g]

TTP: 1966: September 3-5: Katherine Meyer St. Thomas [PF/25-0.4G]

TT:  1966: July/August. Jean Norris, USA.. see travel report ____________________________________________________________________________________

TT : 1967: September. 19-20; Rhoda Vaughn, USA

ABM: 1967: November. Ellsworth Blackwell, ABM from Haiti _____________________________________________________________________________________

TT : 1969: May or June: Ronald Jacobs, Can.

TTP: 1969: July, Lorana Kerfoot, pioneer to St. Thomas,

TT : 1969: July: Lorana Kerfoot, St. Thomas,

CBC: 1969: November 19-23. Alfred Osbourne, [NL/21.O,NL/21P _____________________________________________________________________________________

HND: 1970. May 22-25: Amatu’l-Baha Ruhiyyih Khanum. with Violette Nakjavani. [NL/21.S] [NL/21.R][PF/25-0.4G]                              


Amatu'l-Baha Ruhiyyih Khanum (1910-2000)  Appointed by Shoghi Effendi 26 March 1952  



TT : 1970. July. Lois & Glenn Lissner, for 3 wks. [NL/21.S]] _________________________________________________________________________________________

ABM: 1971: December. Marjorie Harmer, St. Thomas. [NL/21.Y]

TT?: 1971: December. issue of BNLA, Norman Thompson from Antigua to St. Lucia _________________________________________________________________________________________

TT:  1972; September: Cora Oliver Knight of Bah�’u’ll�h to British Honduras, from Central America,[AF/23] _________________________________________________________________________________________

TTP: 1973: March. Shamsi Sedaghat Trinidad;  PF:1]

TT: 1973: February, one month: Dr. Sirus Homayun _________________________________________________________________________________________

HND: 1974; October. 5; Dr. Muhajir


 Rahmatu'llah Muhajir (1923-1979) Appointed  by Shoghi Effendi in final Contingent of Hands in October 1957 



TTP: 1974; December. 15-16; Shirley Yarbrough __________________________________________________________________________________________

TT : 1976: July, few days, Shelia Banani, from USA does interview with Esther Evans

TTL: 1976. August. for 2 wks. Anthony Providence & Emmanuel Dick, St. Vincent [BNWI/31]

TTP: 1976. October. Shamsi Sedaghat, Trinidad. [BNWI/32]

TTP: 1976: November. Shamsi Sedaghat, Trinidad

TTP: 1976: December.(7-8-9 ?) Meherangez Munsiff (UK) __________________________________________________________________________________________

HND: 1977: March, Enoch Olinga, and Mrs. Elizabeth Olinga [AF/23]


 Enoch Olinga (1926-1979)   Appointed by Shoghi Effendi in final Contingent of Hands in October 1957


Elizabeth Olinga



LTT: 1977: March, two 1/2 weeks Leroy Wharton, from Barbados

CBC: 1977. May. Carmen Burafato. [BNWI/34]

TTL: 1977. August to November 1978 year; Frank Fernandes, Barbados, [BNWI/36,38]

CBC: 1977. Fall. Rowland Estall. [BNWI/38]

TTP: 1977: December. 10 days, Laurie Sealy from Barbados

CBC: 1977. December. Hedi Ahmadiyyih., from Belize [BNWI/39] _____________________________________________________________________________________

TT : 1978: February. 3 weeks, John, Jharna Milne, Canada [PF/25-0.11]

TT : 1978: April. David & Mein Smith, Canada [PF/25-0.11]

TTP: 1978: ?? Shamsi Sedaghat

CBC: 1978: August. Hedi Ahmadiyyih

ABM: 1978: August 10-18, ABM  Shirley Mather, St. Thomas  [PF/25-0.5]

TT:  1978: September. Lorraine Applebaum

TT:  1978: November. Wayne Hoover (US) Paul Rourke, accompanied Wayne,

TT : 1978. November 10. Wayne Hoover, USA. Passed away in Paccassi home; buried in Choc Cemetery  [BNWI/42] _____________________________________________________________________________________

TT:  1979: February. 2-4, Louise Mathais,

TT: 1979: Feb. 3-15; Jennifer Dewar

CBC: 1979: May. Hedi Ahmadiyyih

TTP: 1979: May. John Rushford, with project

TTs: 1979: July. Langston & Haiparen (US)

TTs: 1979: July. John and Joyce Edmund (CAN)

CBC: 1979: August. Ruth Pringle

TTP: 1979: August. Janelle Lindley (Barbados)

TTs: 1979: August. Marianne Smith, Sheri Palmero (US)

HND: 1979: October. Dr. Rahmat Muhajir  [prc]

TTP: 1979: ... Linda Reed-Nedden (Barbuda)

TTs: 1979: Nabet and Talbet Mashrafzademn

CBC: 1979; October 6-8 .: CBC Paul Lucas ____________________________________________________________________________________

TT : 1980: January/February; Arthur Irwin, Canada  {PF/25-ALP]

HND: 1980: February. John and Audrey Robarts, 


 John Aldham Robarts (1901-1991)  Appointed by Shoghi Effendi in final Contingent of Hands in October  1957


Audrey Robarts


TTP: 1980: May 7-11 Shahla Gillbanks,

TTS: 1980: May 18-14 June: Dotty and Richard West , in Micoud

TT:  1980: June, Ann Wilson, Secretary National Pioneer Committee, visits Canadian pioneers

TTs: 1980: August. one week, L & A Gregory, USA

TTP: 1980: August. 18-22, Frank and Agnes Sheffy, Guyana,

TTs: 1980: October. 6 days, Meherangiz Munsiff and Gol Aidun [AF/23]

TT : 1980: December, Michael and Chris Day, New Zealand


HND: 1981: May, Dr. Varqa


`Ali�-Muhammad Varqa (1911-2007)   Appointed  by Shoghi Effendi 15 November 1955


TTs: 1981: June 1-7, Mrs. & Mrs. Moses Richardson, USA

TT:  1981: June, Meridith Johnson (USA)

TTs: 1981  June 28-1 July, Mr. & Mrs. Izadinia, children, Panama

TT:  1981: November. 24-28 December. John Bowers, USA

ABM: 1981: December. Shirley Mather

TTP: 1981: December. Maxine Roth, Venezuela

TT:  1981: December. Barbara Hudson USA

TT:  1981: December. Ed Povey, UK

TTs: 1981: ??- Arthur Irwin and Earl Healy, Canada


ABM: 1982: January or February. ,1 day, Shirley Mather

TT : 1982: January, Arthur Irwin & Earl Healy, Canada   [PF/25-0.11]

LTT: 1982: March 21-28, Willis Burris from Tobago

TT : 1982: April, 1 week, Shar Lenz, Canada [PF/25-0.11]

TTs: 1982: ?? - April, 1983 John, Margaret, child, Hana Knoblock, USA

TTs: 1982: ?? Youssef Vijeh, USA

ABM: 1982: June 10-18, Allison Vaccaro

TT : 1982  June 16-20, Meherangiz Munsiff, VIP reception (20 attend),  lecture  [PF/25-0.4C]

CBC: 1982: June 25,26,27, Ruth Pringle, tutors Ruhi Institute

TTs; 1982  July 25 (3 weeks) Pamela and Nuri Sabet from UK [PF/25-0.4C]

TT : 1982: August. (1 day) Dr. Harry Collymore, Trinidad, institute in Marisule [PF/25-0.4C]

CBC: 1982: December, 6-14, Ruth Pringle, Panama

TTs: 1982  December 23, 6 months, Wes and Mary Lou Baker, USA, Castries  [PF/25-0.4C]


TTs: 1983: ??-April, John, Margaret and child Hanna Knoblock, near Choiseul

ABM: 1983: March 20-April 1, Alison Vaccaro

HND: 1983; May 27/28, Khadem to first National Convention


Dhikru'llah Khadem (1904-1986) Appointed  by Shoghi Effendi in Second Contingent of Hands 29 February 1952


CBC:  Counsellor Ruth Pringle to first National Convention

TTs: 1983: November-March 1984, Ron                       and Adrienne Frazer [PR]


NOTE: see St. Lucia events for explanation for cutoff date...pp



compiled by Patricia Paccassi as of December 1987; revised;  October 1991; September 1994, March 2010, July 2011

NOTE: listed below are the NSA's who were responsible for the Windward Islands and the dates the responsibility was assigned:


1953 South America & North America;

1957 Greater Antilles;

*1962 Jamaica;

1964 USA

1967 Leeward, Windward & Virgin Islands;

1972 Barbados & Windward Islands;

1981 Windward Islands

1983 St. Lucia.

 * First time listed specifically instead of being included as part of a larger grouping; i.e. "Windward Islands"

Key: LSA = Local Spiritual Assembly

NSA = National Spiritual Assembly


1953: October. Esther Evans arrives from USA, gains title of Knight of  Bah�’u’ll�h for Windward Islands.  Still at her post until she  passed away, 17 October 1989.

1953: October-August 54, Lillian Middlemast arrives from USA with Mrs. Evans, leaves one year later, also has title of Knight of Bah�’u’ll�h

1953: Informal teaching among upper strata by Esther Evans and Lillian Middlemast


1954: August. 20, Middlemast leaves, see photo copy of her "impressions" (this document whereabouts is unknown)

??: Some travel teaching done here, Mrs. Evans remembers two relatives (sisters?) of Leroy Ioas visiting here.


1965: April.  Phillip Trutza has arrived;  In June, Trutza family,  Henrietta, children, Ann and Robert Buder, Sammy Trutza, arrive to  pioneer.


1966: April,  R�dvan message calls for formation of NSA OF LWVI at April 1967 [NL/03.g]


1967: May 3, First St Lucian enrolls as Bah�'�, Patsy Vincent, (youth, 16  years) of Pavee Road, Castries.[St. Thomas Newsletter, 03.i, lists the  new believers as being enrolled as of September., 1966] First adult believer, Cecil Johannas, of Hospital Road Castries. First formal meetings start  in Castries, home of Trutza's on Pavee road, 3 times a week, Mondays,  prayers, Tuesdays and Fridays, firesides. Sundays, teaching in out districts, Roseau, Jacmel, Choiseul and  Laborie.

1967: November. Early believers: Aloysius Gifford, Mrs. Lucille Gifford, Simon Innocent, Mrs.  Anne Marie Johannes, Frederick Joseph. [NL/21.d]


1968: Persecutions begin for Jacmel, priest tells Bah�'� families to withdraw their children from his school.  NSA writes UHJ  re:  possibility of starting a Bah�'� school there.[AF/24]

1968: First LSA forms in Roseau (includes Jacmel), Harrison Mark, Secretary  [NL/21.g,]  First formal Bah�'� group starts in Castries

??: Patsy Vincent continues to teach children's classes when Henrietta  Trutza leaves island. These dates cannot be determined at this time  until memoirs of Trutza's arrive. Trutza's back and forth between St.  Croix & St. Lucia until `1974

1968: ??; teaching in Choiseul & Laborie; Mrs. Trutza teaches handicraft classes in Choiseul [BE/29.7] []

1968: March. 8 enrollments reported, no names.[NL/21.f] August. 5 enrollments reported, no names.[NL/21.h]


1969: May issue BNLA #12 Henrietta to St. Croix for several months

1969: July, Lorana Kerfoot, first public meeting in St. Lucia at Town Hall with slides. Meeting also in Roseau. Report [NL/21.N]

1969: April-June 1972: Martha Hocker from USA (husband not a Bah�'�) comes to work with Trutzas

1969: October. Teacher Training Institute. [NL/21.O]


1970: Early. New believer. Antoinette Pascal. [NL/21.R]

1970: April. First LSA forms in Castries

1970: June. Ruhiyyih Khanum with Violete Nakhjavani. Public meeting in Castries at the Toc Hotel, meets with NSALWVI.  At this meeting, suggests  splitting up of National. area. Stays (2 weeks) at Pavee Road with the  Trutzas.

  1970 RK, VN, Esther, Martha Hocker_a  

Left to Right: Violet Nakjavani, Martha Hocker, Esther Evans, Ruhiyyih Khanum



1971: Early. New Believers. Eatoe Maneau, Nathaniel  Alcee.  [NL/21.W]

1971: Treasury representatives appointed

1971: Literature subventions in Islands (first time?)

1971: November. Bah�'� Holy Days celebrated. 20 people attended 12 November   [NL/21.Y]

1971: December.; ABM Marjorie Harmer visits Castries, Anse La Raye [PF/25-04aWB]


1973: February: Dr. Sirus Homayun: Dr. Homayun was  invited to serve as a dentist on St. Lucia through the Canadian Dentistry Association. As well as fulfilling his dentistry  obligations, he served the Faith during his stay. He taught the Faith in several areas with Henrietta and Phil Trutza, resident pioneers. They registered one youth the first week. Dr. Homayun also introduced the Faith to the Medical Director of St. Jude Hospital, Dr. Hill.[ Teaching report, 21 March 1973 by Dr. Homayun to NSA Windward Islands.

1973: March. Shamsi Sedaghat starts free Bah�'� radio programing, needs details [PF:1]

1973; August. Harrison Mark of Jacmel travels to Barbados for teaching project._____________________________________________________________________________________

1975: August. 6-15; team of 4, plus CBC Rowland Estall teach in Jacmel, photo below.

L to  R: Don Providence, Counsellor Estall, Shirley Yarbrough, Pat Paccassi,  Errol Sealy

  1975 teach trip St Lu 1_a  

teach in two places: 1) Castries (ABM Shirley Yarbrough and NSA member Patricia Paccassi) live 15 min. interview on Radio Caribbean; Public  Library accepted first Bah�'� book "The Mission of Bah�’u’ll�h" by  Townsend  They had in the past steadfastly refused to put Bah�'�  books in the library. An interview and  book presentation was made  to Mr. Gordon of the "The Voice", Mrs. Amelia Charles, wife of first Premier of St. Lucia,  enrolled in the Faith,

  1975 StL Amelia Charles enrolls_a  

L to R: Pat Paccassi, Mrs. Charles, Shirley  Yarbrough

  1975 teach trip SL group_a  

Jacmel Group  Photo


(ABMAs, Errol Sealy & Anthony Providence) teaching, deepening, with  friends & LSA, nightly meetings, held in English and Patois,  day  long institute with full team [PF/25-ALP]

1975: ??: Cora Oliver, Patricia Paccassi conduct deepening institutes


1976: February 22. Local convention, 1 community. [BNWI/27]

1976: April, Max and Judy Friedman, Canada, arrive, 1 year  commitment, stay in Marisule.  Patsy Vincent works (Bah�'�) with them.

1976: July 15-August 19,  12 paid ads in Voice with Esther Evans phone #

1976: July, interview of Esther Evans by TT Shelia Banani, copy sent to UHJ.

1976: August. 2 weeks, local teachers, Anthony Providence and Emmanuel Dick of  St. Vincent do teaching in Jacmel with help of Lennox Jerome (St Lucian) and Friedmans. Also Gros Islet, Castries, Roseau Valley. [BNWI/31]

1976: October 25-November 1,  Shamsi Sedaghat interviewed by The Voice &  Radio Caribbean, Radio St. Lucia; spoke at Rotary and Town Hall; had a  15 min. taped TV interview; courtesy call on Minister of Education,  permission to speak in schools [this did not happen though, due to  shortage of time] [BNWI/32] [PF:1]


1977: Radio programs start (free or not, check this)

1977: May. Institute with CBC Carmen Burafato, presentation of 2 books to  Governor General. [BNWI/34] [PF/25-ALP]

1977; July to October, Izadinias leave [BNWI/35]

1977: August 31: Izadinia's give "GOD PASSES BY" to Castries library. Find book by German covenant-breaker in library.[AF/23.2

1977: September: Patsy Vincent accepts appointment to Dsitrict Teaching Committee. [AF/23.2]

1977: September/October: Lennox Jerome contributes $500 for radio programs[AF/23.3]

1977: October. Paccassi's arrive from Dominica post, settle in Castries

1977; Fall. CBC Rowland Estall meets with Bah�'�s. [BNWI/38]

1977: November to August 1978, Frank Fernandes from Barbados arrives to do full time  teaching, settles in the South, first  Augier, then Saltibus (Gia  Bois), covers the whole South on foot.

1977: December. Teaching activity with CBC Hedi Ahmadiyyih. [BNWI/39]


1978: ... money for District Haziratu'l-Quds from UHJ

1978: January.  The second West Indian pioneer to Windward Islands, Beverley March, arrives  in  St. Lucia, , 


Beverley March


from Jamaica, settles in Castries  with Paccassi's, teaches school in Castries Comprehensive

1978: ??: first youth classes begin in Castries at Paccassi home

1978: February. 3 weeks, John and Jarna Milne from Canada teach with Beverley  March in South, Laborie (as base, Bah�'�s Guest house), Augier.

1978: February. 19, National Teaching Conference Soufriere, 30 attend. Report. [BNWI/16]

1978: 10 August. : Counsellors letter to NSA asking for permission to form new LSA's during project with ABMs in St.Lucia

1978: September, Emily Kramer moves from Barbados to do full time teaching, settles in Laborie at guest house of Bah�'�s, works in the South mainly.

1978: November to August 1983, Keith, Stephanie, child Ruh'u'llah, Bloodworth arrive from Canada.{Return January 1987}

1978: November. TT Wayne Hoover from USA speaks at Morne Technical  College,  Voice newspaper interview, Radio St. Lucia.  Dies, of cancer during trip, at Paccassi home.  Buried at Choc Cemetery in plot of Esther Evans.  Large media coverage.

1978: December to November 1979,  St. Lucia, Lynn, Richard Berry, child, Ian from St. Croix post (US) to Grenada

1978: December. Children’s classes being held in  5 places. [BNWI/17]


1979: April to April 1980, "On most national committees in one year" award:  Patricia Paccassi, candidate, 6: St. Lucian PR Officer,   Photographer, Property Committee, Children’s' Committee, Librarian,  Correspondence Course. [PR.1]

1979: April, as of this date there were 8 children's classes

1979: April 27,28, 29, Windward Island National. Convention, The Morne; photo and article in "The Voice" [PF/25-ALP]

1979: April 30, post convention workshop

1979: May : Counsellors Project, ABMs, local teachers, base in Vieux Fort,  150 enrollments (from Barbados archives.) new LSAs are formed 1979: 26 August,

1979: 26 August, Children’s Conference on the Morne, as part of the above Counsellors project. 101 children from 9   communities, Jacmel, Gros Islet ,Ciceron, Marisule. Ti Rochet,.  Soufriere, Dennery, Augier, 

1979: UHJ approves new LSA boundary breakdown

1979: December: Youth Conference. 1 day. __________________________________________________________________________________________-

1980: Information kits presented to prominent persons

1980: Summer: Dennery Summer School and Teaching project. Large team from the US.

1980: June. 28, Prayer meeting for persecution of Iranians, held at Castries Town Hall

1980: October 27-November 3, Meherangiz Munsiff makes presentation to Acting  Governor-General, Mr. Boswell Williams. Visit  receives  opposition by changing of dates and times of visits to  Mr Williams and Rotary, South.[BE/29.7]

1980: November. 26, First Bah�'� wedding, Tim and Helen Delphus of Gros   Islet. Morning civil ceremony plus Bah�'� ceremony at Esther Evans home  in Cap Estate.  Helen goes to civil ceremony with hair in curlers,  Bah�'� ceremony with all trimmings.


1981: Bah�'� Religious classes in Castries Comprehensive Secondary School.  Beverley March teaches first to third form students and Keith Bloodworth teaches fourth and fifth form classes, sometimes Stephanie Bloodworth  takes over. Check when ??? [PF/25-ALP]

1981: January/February. Presentations made to Ministers of Government, Byron  Pilgrim, Evans Cauldron, George Odlum, Jon Odlum, Peter Josie, and Prime Minister, Allan Louisy by Patricia Paccassi and Tim Delphus.

1981: February. 28, Island Teaching Conference at St. John's Ambulance Building, Gardens, Castries

1981: March.-?? Jeanne, Soheyl Samari arrive, live in Choiseul

1981: March. Doug, Jennifer Wright and child Tory arrive, live with Samari's in Choiseul

1981: David Yarmartino, brother of Jeanne Samari, lives in  La Fargue,  Choiseul, stays after Samari's leave, cannot find work, moves  to  St. Vincent.

1981: May 29-30 Weekend institute

1981: R�dvan. Possibly 21 LSAs elected. [BNWI/19]

1981: April. Ruth Pringle's first visit to the area as new Counsellor

1981: June or July. Wrights leave, child Tory health reasons

1981: July 27-August 17, Grandma Snyder teaching project:

 Some of the team shown in large photo, the St Lucian participants in smaller insert below, other team members afterwards

  Team partial cropped_b

Kneeling: Sammy Delphus, Susan Felker, Juliana Auguste, Nancy Cole, Soraya Golbarani.

L to R: Steve Horne, Pat Paccassi, Edith Johnson, Helen Delphus, Alison Vacarro, Sara Jane Lee, Keith Bloodworth, Mosesd Auguste, Russell Lee, Julien  Alphonse, James Auguste, Richard Berry, Frank Paccassi, Child, Badi Bloodworth, Stephanie Bloodworth, Shirley Yarbrough

Insert: __, ___, Helen Delphus, Sammy Delphus, Moses Auguste, Julien Alphonse, Juliana Auguste, Martin Devaux, ___.

    Dorothy_Hansen   Rose_DeLoomey  
  David_Yarmartino_STL         Martin_Devaux

L to R: David Yarmartino, Hushniyyih “Mama” Baha’i, Don Providence, Dorothy Hansen, Rose DeLoomey, Martin Devaux


L to R: Ludi Johnson, Beverley March, Soheil Samari, Jennie Samari, Susan Bensch, Maureen Thur


Mrs. Elsie Mollie Snyder, Grandmother to Patricia Paccassi, for whom this project was dedicated, was the  first pioneer to be buried at her post in Windward Islands.  results: 500 enrollments, 4 LSAs formed,  Forestiere, Barre Denis, Belle Vue, Babonneau, team photo & story in Voice  [PF/25-ALP] 

1981: August 15; Teaching Conference "Gardens" Castries La Fargue youth play big part  See photo in “Photo Gallery” [PF/25-ALP]

1981: August. Beverly March leaves area, resigns as ABM

1981: mid: Tim Delphus & Patricia Paccassi present material to Ministers of Government [PF/25-ALPkb]

1981: September 7, Marjorie, Larry, Clarke (children, Angela, Andrea) arrive from Canada

1981: December. Nancy Cole arrives from USA

1981: Large banners made for Market by Keith Bloodworth and women from Gros Islet.

1981: December. visits were made to all post offices by Pat Paccassi and Stephanie Bloodworth, presenting  postmasters/mistresses with an apple and a thank you for all  their efforts on Bah�'� behalf


1982: February 16, Barbara Hudson (USA) arrives to pioneer

1982: February 19, Memorial Service, Peter Gawahar of Barre Denis, 40 attend

1982: March 28, National Day of Prayer for Iranians at Castries Town Hall, 200 invitations, media

1982: May to June series of 6 weekend teacher training institutes, the last  Institute used the Ruhi material conducted by Counsellor Pringle,  inviting the participants of the past weekend institutes. 21 attended  with various regularity.

1st Ruhi cropped_a

Held at Paccassi home, Vigie, Castries:
Foreground L-R: Helen Delphus; Ruhu’llah Bloodworth; __; Badi Bloodworth; __.
Standing L-R: Tim Delphus; __; __; __; Frank Paccassi; Judith Paccassi; __; __; Barbara Hudson; Barbara Descarte with child; Nancy Cole; Marjorie Clarke; Andrea Clarke;
Juliana Auguste; Larry Clarke; Angela Clarke; __; __; __; Ruth Pringle (ABM); Cadosia DuBoulay; __; Patricia Paccassi.


1982: June 5, Children's Conference, 1960 (or 1980) attended

1982: June 4-6,11-13, 19-20, 26-27, September 12, October 16: Teacher Training institutes See SA January 1983 [PF/25-0.4C]

1982: June 16: half hour interviews on TV & radio for Mrs Meherangiz Munsiff  [PF/25-0.4C]

1982: June 17: Public meeting with Mrs Munsiff @ Morne Tech. College 46 Bah�'�s & seekers [PF/25-0.4C]

1982: June 18: Reception for Mrs Munsiff, Green Parrot Inn, 25 Bah�'�s and others attended [PF/25-0.4C]

1982: June 20: half day Deepening on Prayer & Meditation led by Mrs  Munsiff @ Paccassi home with 30 Bah�'�s [PF/25-0.4C]

1982: June: Article in THE VOICE newspaper telling of Mrs  Munsiff's  background & visit [PF/25-0.4C]

1982: June, Presentation to Prime Minster, John Compton, "The  Earth is  One Country", Mrs. Meherangiz Munsiff, Counsellor Pringle, and Peter St. Rose.

  Munsiff w-Prime Minister John Compton_a

Prime Minister, John Compton, and Mrs. Meherangiz Munsiff 


1982: Summer/Fall  Presentation to Acting Minister of Education of THE  Bah�'� FAITH by Perkins & Hainsworth. Bah�'� classes given by Keith   Bloodworth @ Castries Comprehensive Secondary School

1982: October. Barwiz, Negar (children, Layli and Nadia) Bahbahani arrive from St. Vincent post.

1982: October 10: Children's Education Institute [PF/25-0.4C]

1982: October 16, Teacher Training Institute in Augier, with Peter St. Rose &  Barbara Hudson coordinators & 5 participants [PF/25-0.4C]

1982: October 17: Teacher Training Institute in Gros Islet with Marjorie Clark & Tim Delphus coordinators & 3 participants [PF/25-0.4C]

1982: October, Donated Pilgrimage film for Windward Islands area to be shared in each Island.

1982: November 30: Problem Solving in the Bah�'� Community Institute given by Keith Bloodworth at St. John's Ambulance HQ. [PF/25-0.4C]

1982: December 8, Ruth Pringle presents material to Minister in State  of Ministry of Education, Mr. Lewis George. Meeting lasts 45 minutes.


1983: February. 4-6, Teacher Training institute, Augier

1983: February. 11-13, Teacher Training Institute, Marisule. Keith & Stephanie Bloodworth coordinators & teachers w 3 attendees SA January  1983  [PF/25-0.4C]

1983: March 20-April 1, Teacher Training Institute with Allison Vaccaro & Nancy Cole  teachers, Barbara Hudson coordinator, with 14 attendees.   [PF/25-0.4C]

1983: March 27: Annual Teaching Conference. with 23 adults & 12 children  [PF/25-0.4C]

1983: May 11, Front page article in "Voice" re: Windward Island Bah�'�s  (Anthony 'Don'  Providence, St. Vincent, Stephanie & Keith  Bloodworth, Patricia & Frank Paccassi, St. Lucia) who attended  International Convention in Haifa [PF/25-ALP]


                     1983: April 27/28 Formation National Convention on the Morne

  Convention photo cropped_b  

 Formation First NSA, St.  Lucia:

HND Mr. Khadem and CBC Ruth Pringle at the UWI Centre ,The Morne. First  NSA, Patricia Paccassi : Chairman: Larry Clarke, Secretary; Frank  Paccassi, Treasurer; Peter St. Rose, Vice Chairman, Martin Devaux,  Tim Delphus, Barbara Hudson, Keith Bloodworth,  Florius Lubin. Keith Bloodworth leaves for Canada in August and Moses Henry is elected on the by-election.

  1983 1st NSA Stl_a

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NOTE: My goal was to trace the growth and development of the Faith in  the  islands from their beginnings, as far as I could find, up to  the formation of each ones own National Assembly.  As  1983 was the formation of the first NSA of St. Lucia and information is  available from this time on in St. Lucia, I am using it as the cutoff  date for this research document. The following years will be done by  other researchers.

This document is neither exhaustive nor definitive, we learn as we go, but  what I have, and/or discover, will be changed or added as necessary.

Hopefully, I can put this material into a form which, through the medium of oral  history, will breathe the life into the bare facts and  statistics.  

I feel that it is  our stories and impressions and feelings that help to convey the  enormous process that is taking place in the Bah�'� World during this  period of development. I am only sorry that it was not done earlier, we  have lost so many stories already.

I truly appreciate all the help given to me in this research and can only hope it is helpful to others.  PP... November. 1994



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