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Alphabetical Lists of Pioneers and Travel Teachers


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Grenada: Pioneers, Quote re: Pioneers Travel TeachersQuote re: travel teachers and Events:  1953  to 1984


Compiled by Patricia Paccassi as of April 1989: revised, May, September 1991; September 1994: March 2010, July 2011, Sept ember 2012

KEY: PIO: pioneer;

 In quotes or parenthesis: refers to my data source:  see source page for detail  SOURCES

PIO: 1953: November: Frank Baker 1953FrankBaker_ahusband of Hand the Cause of God,  Dorothy) from USA to Grand Anse.  [pr/22.2]

PIO: 1953: November 1958 April: Dr. Luella K. Beecher (mother of Hand the Cause of God,  Dorothy Baker) from USA to Grand Anse.  Both spend 1954 summer months in USA, return in Fall


PIO: 1955: December. to February. 1960 to Haiti; Donald and Doris 1955DorisCorbin_a Corbin   [BE/29.4]

PIO: 1960: ?? to 1964: Winston Evans 1960WinstonEvans_a from USA (see TT reports)

PIO: 1964: December 16 December 1965: Ben Shreibman from USA to St. Georges. ____________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1965: December 13-? Betty Traylor (with Millers) to St. Andrews. (July 1969: moves to Carriacou

PIO: 1965: December 13-March 1,1971: Edwin  Ed Miller  2 GRN and Beverlee Beverlee Miller Miller to St. George 1965-1967;

from USA; to Fontenoy, 2/1967-2/1971  [pr/22.4][AF/23]

PIO: 1965: March to ?? to Puerto Rico; Tom Hooper  Tom Hooper GND from St. Thomas post (USA) ____________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1968: April-August. Mrs. Jan F. McCutchan; Mother of Beverlee Miller, to Fontenoy [pr/22:.4]____________________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1969: July; Betty Traylor moves to Carriacou with daughter Jonna Wilson

PIO: 1969: December to September 1971; William Bill Soderberg - and Juliette Soderberg, from USA, to St.  George's ,to St. Davids Parish, to  Morne-Jaloux, to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands [PR/22.8]-  1971: ?? Move to St. Georges;  1971: October/November: Move to St. Thomas, Virgin  Islands  [NL/21.Q] [NL/21.Y] _____________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1972; September-June 1973: Florence Rose, Florence Rose BDS-Grnd from USA  to Coast Guard  Hill, Victoria, St. Mark, to Paradise, St.Andrew (with Fannings) next went to  Barbados, then St. Vincent.   [BNWI/15] [pr/22.3]

PIO: 1972: September-June 1973: Charles Chuck_Fanning & Patricia Fanning,Pat_Fanning daughter Laurie, Laurie_Sealy_3to to  Coast Guard Hill, Victoria, St. Mark, to Paradise, St. Andrew [pr/22:.3] _____________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1974: December. Barbara Nurse, Barbara Nurse Winner GND Grenadian,  [from UK]  [BNWI/19][AF/23] _____________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1975: September.; Arthur Winner Arthur Winner 2  Grenada [from UK, but counted as US pioneer]  [pr/22:.1] [AF/23] _____________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1979: October 1979 to December 1982: Richard and Lynn Berry, Lynn & Rick Berry 2 -GND sons,

Ian & Sean,  The boys cropped2 from USA to Perdmontemps, St. Pauls, via St. Croix & St. Lucia,   [pr/22:.1,2] ____________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1980: February. Vera and Julius  Edwards,( see photo in Events 1980) from Liberia [Vera was a  native Grenadian] [pr/22:.1,2] He was a Knight of  Bahá’u’lláh (September 191953) for the Northern Territories Protectorate  in Africa

PIO: 1981: March. Shireen Shrinin Ghaem-Maghami GND and Izzat Ghaem-Maghami, Izzat Ghaeme-Maghami GND  daughters, Negar, and Negin (see photos in Events 1982 - Youth activities both in front,  right to left) from UK

PIO: 1981: August to July 1982; Christina Menking-Hoggatt from USA

PIO: 1981: August. to June 11 1982: Jahangir and Vida Cyrus 1981_Dr._Jahangir_Cyrus_and_family_a from USA [AF/23] ______________________________________________________________________________

PIO: 1982: ???- Sohreh and Manouch Bahranini and baby daughter, Zhinous from Belize [PR/22.6]

PIO: 1982: ?? to September 1984: Denise &  Manouch Hakimi  & baby daughter, Breeze [Pr/22.6][AF/23.3]

PIO: 1982: April to circa November 1994; Eileen "Aunty"  Aunty Eileen Hill GND Hill from Guyana to Perdmontemps [AF/23.3]

PIO: 1982: August 20 to December 1984: Jon  Jon Bruss GND and Mojdeh Bruss from USA, and baby  daughter, Natasha to Grand Anse    [pr/22:.6] [SASR]

PIO: 1982: September 22 to September 1983: Steve and Erica Toussaint with daughters, Colby & Amelia, Erica Toussaint GND seen with Sean Berry, USA, [SASR] [pr/22.6]

PIO: 1982: September 11: Ed 1982_Ed_and_Viv_Povey_a and Vivien Povey sons, Daniel,  Thomas.[SASR] [pr/22.2  & 6][AF/23]

PIO: 1982: December: Richard & Lynn Berry & sons return to USA (see Events for photo) [AF/23]


Compiled by Patricia Paccassi as of April 1989: revised, May, September 1991; September 1994: March 2010, July 2011

KEY: TT :=travel teacher from outside national area;

TTL:=West Indian travel teacher;

TTP:=travel teacher & pioneer in national area;

HND:=Hand of the Cause of God;

CBC:=member of Continental Board of Counsellors;

ABM:=Auxiliary Board Member;       ABMA: Assistant to the Auxillary Board Member

NSA: member of a national spiritual assembly. DTC = District Teaching Committee: NTC: National Teaching Committee


TT : 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959 (and possibly more) Winter months: Winston Evans: check with Lauriston Wilson for verification.

TT : 1964: end to 1965: 3 months; Elizabeth Thomas (USA)

TT : 1965: Jeanie Delves & Anabel Jackson[AF/23]

ABM: 1965: July 12-19. Ellsworth Blackwell, (Haiti, pioneer)[NL/03.c]

TT : 1965: November 15-24 Doris Corbin, USA [NL/03.d&e][AF/23]

TT : 1965: November 15-24 Jose Monge, Puerto Rico [AF/23] _________________________________________________________________________________

TT : 1966: February 13-14[check]; Don Larson from USA[AF/23]

TT : 1966: July 22-23,  Francis Foss, USA, [NL/03.g][AF/23]

TTP: 1966: September 6-10, Katherine Meyer, St. Thomas [Katherine Meyer files] [PF/25-0.4G]___________________________________________________________________________________

HND: 1967: January;  Dr. Ugo Giachery, stayed at Menezes Guest House   [pr/22:.4]


Dr. Ugo Giachery  (13 May 1896 - 5 July 1989) Appointed by Shoghi Effendi in 24 December 1951

TT : 1967: September 17-19, Rhoda Vaughn (USA) [PF/25-09.a]

TTP: 1967: Mid: Carriacou: Betty Traylor & Jonna Wilson,  mother & daughter, pioneers, Grenada.[PF/25-09.a]

TTP: 1968: February. Philip Wood, Barbados

TTP: 1968: March 23-30, Philip & Henrietta Trutza, St. Lucia

TTP: 1968: March 23-30, Naomi Washington, St. Thomas

TTP: 1968: September ???, Maryam Shaker & Nikou Raousfian from Trinidad ______________________________________________________________________________________________

TTP: 1969: July, Patricia & Judith Paccassi, mother & daughter, St. Thomas [PF/25-09.a]

CBC: 1969: November. 7-10: Alfred Osbourne [PF/25-09.a]  ______________________________________________________________________________________________

NSA: 1970: April: Rowland Estall (NSA member Canada) [PF/25-09.a] 

 HND: 1970: May 10-12:  Ruhiyyih Khanum  and Violette Nakhjavani in  St. Georges. [NL/21.R][AF/23][PF/25-0.4G]


Amatu'l-Baha Ruhi­yyih Khanum (1910-2000) Appointed  by Shoghi Effendi 26 March 1952

HND: 1970: May 11: Ruhiyyih Khanum and Violette Nakhjavani, to Mark, St. Johns. [NL/21.R]

TT : 1970: mid. Lois & Glenn Lissner. [NL/21.S][AF/23]

HND: 1970: September. 13, Enoch Olinga to St. Davids/St.Andrews.[AF/23]


Enoch Olinga (1926-1979). Appointed by Shoghi Effendi in final Contingent of Hands in October  1957


TT: 1973: :  Terry Madison, Shirley Yarbrough, Frank Farnum, [PR/22.3]


TTL/P: 1973: May 2 weeks; Errol Sealy & Leroy Wharton, Shirley Yarbrough,  Barbados, Hendrick Branch, St. Vincent, Terry  Madison  .[PR/22.3]

CBC: 1973: August. Carmen Burafato. [BNWI/8]

CBC: 1973: late. Rowland Estall with Patricia Paccassi   [BNWI/11][AF/23]

TT : 1973: late: Mr & Mrs Peter Brine [AF/23]


ABM: 1974: July: Shirley Yarbrough,  Barbados, St. Georges ____________________________________________________________________________________________

ABM: 1975: April, 2 weeks: Shirley Yarbrough to St. George's, St. Andrew & St. John. [BNWI/22] [af/23]

TT : 1975: April(?): Hazel Lovelace, Alaska, visits Christ Church, St. Andrew [AF/23]

TTL: 1975: Selma ?, 2 weeks prior National Convention[AF/23]

TTP: 1975: September. 2 weeks; Vivian Estall [AF/23]

ABM: 1975: December, late: Shirley Yarbrough. [BNWI/26][AF/23]

CBC: 1975: 20 December. Paul Lucas. [BNWI/26][AF/23]


TTP: 1976: April: Patricia Paccassi, with Cora Oliver [Knight of Bahá’u’lláh] [PF/25-04aBWI]

TT : 1976: April-June; Lillian Bosch, US [AF/23]

TTP: 1976: June 18. Philip Wood [BNWI/6]

TTL/P: 1976: 23 August -3 September.; Connie Didier, & Judith Paccassi,   from Dominica [BNWI/7]

TTP: 1976: October.; Shamsi Sedaghat, Trinidad [AF/23]

TT : 1976: December.; Meherangiz Munsiff, UK [AF/23]


TTL: 1977: February, 4 days; Eve Johnson [AF/23]

TT : 1977: Junie (Faily) Silver  [AF/23]

HND: 1977: March 23-8:  Collis Featherstone ? where did I get this from. 


Collis  Featherstone  (15 May 1913 - 29 September 1990). Appointed by Shoghi Effendi in final Contingent of Hands in October  1957

HND: 1977: March ; Enoch and Elizabeth Olinga [AF/23] 

Enoch Olinga Grand Anse 1977_a

Seated: L to R: Tahirah Wilson, Junie Faily, Elizabeth Olinga, Kenny and Clair Mendes and, Jackie Stratton

Standing: L to R:  Elinor Wilson, Encoh Olinga, Graeme Stratton

TT : 1977: March. ??: Myrtle Murray [AF/23]

CBC: 1977. May. Alfred Osbourne. [BNWI/10]

CBC: 1977. Fall. Rowland Estall. [BNWI/14]


TT : 1978: February/March John & Jharna Milne, Canada [PF/25-0.11]

TTP: 1978: ??; Shamsi Sedaghat, Trinidad [PF/25-04dntc]

ABM: 1978: December 20-27; Brian and Pam O'Toole,Brian-&-Pamela-O'Toole_thumb Guyana [AF/23]

TT : 1978. December to May 1979; Louise & Herbert Mathias. [BNWI/17] [AF/23.3]


TT : 1979: 2 months in ??; Linda Reed-Nedden, Barbuda [AF/23]

HND: 1979: November 6-9 ;  Dr. R. Muhajir [PR/22.2] [AF/23]


Rahmatu'llah Muhajir (1923-1979)   Appointed by Shoghi Effendi in final Contingent of Hands in October  1957

CBC: 1979: Paul Lucas

TTP: 1979: 28 December-31 January 1980; Beverly March, St. Lucia [AF/23] _______________________________________________________________________________________________

TT : 1980: January. 15 for 4 months Arthur Irwin, Canada [AF/23]

TTS: 1980  February. 16 for  3 months Lilly Ann Irwin & Rose Delomy, Canada [AF/23]

HND: 1980: March 1-6: John Robarts [AF/23.3]


 John Aldham  Robarts (1901-1991)  Appointed by Shoghi Effendi in  final Contingent of Hands in October 1957

TT : 1980: April. Chris Humble, US with Canadian companion [AF/23]

TT : 1980: May 2 for 2 weeks; Hazel Halley, Guyana [AF/23]

TTP: 1980: Laurie Sealy, to St. Marks Parish.

CBC: 1980: August 9: Carmen Burafato [AF/23.3]

TT : 1980: November 9-14: Meherangiz Munsiff and Gol Aidun [AF/23.3]

NSA: 1981: June 20-4; Patricia Paccassi, (5th from Right) St. Lucia, visiting several villages on behalf of NSA  [AF/23]

1981 Grenada bw_a

(Izzat Ghaem-Maghami

 1st on right)

as well as meetings in St Georges at the Stratton residence:     see below

1981 grenada vist of NSA rep PPaccassi_a

Kneeling: Miss Clair Maynard, Ezzat Ghaem-Maghami, child Suraya Stratton, child Ian Berry, ___

1st row L to R: ___, ____, Jackie Stratton and child Selene, Teresa Pascal and child, Lynn Berry

2nd. row L to R: Barbara Winner, ___, Graeme Stratton, Shirin Ghaem-Maghami, ___, daughter Ghaem-Maghami, __, ___, __, __, __, __, Pat Paccassi holding Sean Berry

TTP: 1981: 7-12 July: Foad and Masejeh Izadina, Panama.[AF/23]

NSA: 1981: Representative. Anthony 'Don’ Providence.

TTs: 1982 Lilly Ann Irwin,  Rose Delomy, and John Rushford.

TT : 1982: Leonard Galit, U.S.A. [AF/23]

TT : 1982: Pam & Brian O'Toole, Guyana [AF/23]

TT : 1982: Erich Reich, USA [AF/23]

TT : 1982: April 1, 1 week: Jennifer Dewar, Guyana

TTL: 1982: April 5: Shirley Howard, St. Vincent

NSA: 1982: April 28-?: NSA rep. Patricia Paccassi to help with preparations for  first National Convention and Vera Edwards teaching project.

TT : 1982: July 1-7: Meherangiz Munsiff [AF/23.3]

CBC: 1982: July 4-?: Ruth Pringle

TTP: 1982: August 24-30: NSA Rep. Stephanie Bloodworth, St. Lucia,  to Grenville.

TTP: 1982: August, NTC Secretary Brian Williams meets with DTC.

CBC: 1982: November 23-?. Ruth Pringle

TTL: 1982: November, NSA Rep. Helen Delphus, St. Lucia

TTP: 1982: December 22, Pam and Brian(ABM) O'Toole, Guyana. Visits to : Grand Mall, Happy Hill, Grenville, Grand Roy, Fontenoy, Springs, St. George's, Perdmontemps  [AF/23.3]

ABM: 1982: December, 5 days, Shirley Yarbrough, Barbados [AF/23.3] ___________________________________________________________________________________________

TTP: 1983: January. NSA Rep. Patricia Paccassi

TTL: 1983: April: NSA Rep. Paul Elizee

TT : 1983: February 15-25, Erich Reich from USA ,

TTL: 1983: April: NSA Rep. Paul Elizee, Dominica

TT : 1983: August: Shoreh Azarkadeh, U.K. [AF/23]

TT : 1983: ??: Mr & Mrs Manoch Bahraine, Belize [AF/23]

TTL: 1983: September 6-12, Julius Edwards, Grenville, to nursing home in Grand Anse [AF/23]

TTP: 1983: November 29, Edna Caverly, Trinidad [AF/23]

HND: 1983: March 23-27, Collis Featherstone [AF/23]

CBC: 1983: March 23-27, Ruth Pringle [AF/23]

TT : 1984: January 31, Jenabi Caldwell [AF/23.3]

NOTE: PR of Berry's (1979-1982] list Gerta ?? from Germany, 2 ladies from Canada and a Danish man visited, but no other information

NOTE: see Grenada events for explanation of cutoff date... pp



Compiled by Patricia Paccassi as of 1988; revised April and September 1991; October 1994,  March 2010, July 2011

NOTE: listed below are the NSA's who were responsible for the Windward Islands and the dates the responsibility was assigned:


1953 South America/North America;

1957 Greater Antilles;

*1962 Brazil; 

1964 USA

1967 Leeward Windward & Virgin Islands;

1972 Barbados & the Windward Islands;

1981 Windward Islands

1983 Grenada & St. Vincent;

1984 Grenada.

*=First time listed specifically instead of being included as part of a larger grouping; i.e. "Windward Islands"

Key: LSA = Local Spiritual Assembly     NSA = National Spiritual Assembly   UHJ = Universal House of Justice

LWVI = Leeward, Windward, and Virgin Islands


1953: August 19, HND Dorothy[1898-1954] and Frank Baker[1889-1963] volunteer to pioneer to Grenada [AF/01]

1954: November 19: Letter from Frank Baker to Shoghi Effendi, tells of arrival in Grenada of himself and Dr. Luella Beecher          (d.1966), mother of Dorothy Baker.  Hand Dorothy Baker has  died  (10/1/54) in plane crash over Mediterranean Sea on way to Grenada post, via Trinidad, from India teaching trip.  [BE/29.4] [BP/02]


1955: April 22; Letter from Frank Baker tells of 1st. enrollment,  John  Protein, waiter from Santa Maria Hotel. Macklin Munroe is studying the Faith and expected to enroll shortly. Mentions buying home on beach. [AF/01]

1955: December, Don & Doris Corbin 1955 Doris Corbin_a1 arrive as pioneers


1956: ??:  Winston Evans introduces Faith to Rosicrucians in 1956, many become Bahá'ís, John T. Walker, Mr. A. Alexis,  Nathaniel Benjamin, Mr. Valentine McQuilkin and Clifton Joseph,   [PR/22.7];  (letter from US National, to NSA Central  America & Lesser Antilles, 3 July 1964, says Evans spent his last several winters in Grenada) [AF/01]


1957: March 31: Cable to Doris Corbin from Guardian re: boundaries for  assembly. "Guardian advise assembly should consist only members living  in city." [24/1-UR]


1959 Laurison and Eiinor Wilson 1st Baha'i wedding Laurie_and_Elinor_wedding _2 

1959: April:  LSA St. George's Parish, First in Leeward, Windward and  Virgin Islands. Doris Corbin listed as Secretary. [PF/25.3-ALP]

1959: June: Department of Statistics UHJ, lists first LSA, one locality


1960: March.. letter from Frank Baker says Winston now in Grenada  releasing  Don and Doris Corbin for Haiti post.[AF/01]

1960: April. St. Andrew LSA forms [PR/22.7]

1960: October. 15: Letter from Winston Evans to Hugh Chance tells of 7 enrollments on 14 October 1960 [AF/01]


1964: ??? Hyland Joseph begins teaching in March, brings Winston Evans, who  teaches there every Sunday for 6 months and then tells   them he  has taught long enough, they must decide. Jeffery and Linda Lewis, with  others join. [Get story re :H. Joseph becoming a Bahá'í from Ed Miller]

Mr. Joseph is buried behind his house in March [PR/22.4] Also, need  info re: family of 4 women [daughters?] who were part of first group  of  believers.

Below: Jeffery Lewis carrying the book "Release the Sun" given to  him by Ruyyih Khanum


1964: April, 2nd LSA formed in Maran, St. Joseph, this results in Grenada  having two of the five LSA's under which the 1st. NSA of  LWVI formed in 1967 [BE/29.4]


1965: March  1:  see letter of Ben  Schreibman for quote

1965: Bahá'ís reported in April: 1, St. Patrick; 5, St. Mark; 11,  St. John; 24, St. Georges; 5, St. Andrew; plus Mr. Griffith enrolls, total; 37 Adult, 10 youth.[s/03.a]

1965: April: two LSA's reported, St. George's, St. John (Maran, 1st  time elected) [PR/22.7]

1965: Early; Maran studies "Release the Sun" then "Thief in the Night" [NL/03.b]

1965: May, June: 3 meetings per week in St. George's, Thursday meetings at Wilson home.[NL/03.b]

1965: July 12-19; Ellsworth Blackwell ABM from Haiti visits,  has  meetings in Maran, St. George's. Radio/2 newspapers

1965: June: Meetings and children's classes held in Grenville by Clifton Joseph

1965: Summer school held [no details]

1965: November. first indication from foreign Goals of possibility of formation of NSA of LWVI in 1967 [9 Yr. PL.]

1965: November 20-21 Summer School [AF/23]

1965: December. Ben Schreibmann leaves

1965: December. Millers arrive to pioneer

1965: or 1966: Teaching institute planned by Foreign Goals, assisted by LSA  St. Thomas   _______________________________________________________________________________________

1966: April. election forms of LSAs St. George's and St. John's parishes in file [PF/23.3ALP]

1966: April; Rídvan message calls for formation of NSALWVI at Rídvan 1967 [NL/03.g]

1966: June; Early believers; Dunbar Cenac, St. Georges; Richard Pierre, Victoria; Zepheran Archibald, Grenville.[NL/03.g]

1966: September. Katherine Meyers holds meetings in home of Millers in St. George's and public meeting in Victoria.

1966: December. 21-‘April: Norman Modest, Gros Point, St. John (check this to find significance)


1967: ??: Second Bahá'í wedding of Clifton & Selma Joseph  [PR/22.7]

1967: March: Pioneers, Miller's son Joel Quddus born

1967: April. St. Georges LSA elected, not St. John's NOTE: St. George's continues to elect to 1971-1972 and St. John's does not, 1971-1972 was as far as my note re: these 2 goes, look further [p.p.]

1967: April: Two from Grenada elected to first NSALWVI, Jeffery Lewis, and Ed Miller.

1967: June 3: Hyland Joseph, father of St. Andrews and St. Marks Parish dies. [PF:3]

1967: July 6: Room rented In St. George's for Bahá'í Centre.  Film, "His Name Shall Be One", 40 attend.

1967: September. Carriacou named as virgin goal for 9 Yr. Plan

1967: November. Early believers; Jewel Lassey [Y]; Selwyn Strachan [Y], St. George's. [NL/21.d]

1967: November. Fontenoy holds Birth of Bahá’u’lláh celebration at Millers,  neighbors invited, many hear of Faith first  time. [NL/21.d]

1967: December??: Early believes; Miss Mina Carlica, St.Marks; Joseph Bernard(Y), Maran, St. Johns.[NL/21.e]


1968: February. One day teaching class held at Quarantine Station, all four communities represented.

1968: February. Early believer; Monica St. John, (Y) in  Fontoney. [NL/21.g]

1968: ??:  Early believers; Joan Robertson, Eustace  Jackson [NL/21.g]

1968: ??:  Large turnout for delegate election., Ed & Beverlee Miller elected. [NL/21.g]

1968: March. 23-30; 1st. NSA sponsored National Teaching Training Institute at  Quarantine Station, St. George's. 9  students [NL/21.g]

1968: April; LSA & officers elected in St. George's.[NL/21.g]

1968: May ?: St. Johns receives report of National. Convention. [NL/21.g]

1968: ??: St. George's makes extension teaching plans for St. Marks [NL/21.g]

1968: September.[?] Maryam Shaker & Nikou Raousfian give large fireside at Forsyth home in Victoria [NL/21.i]

1968: ??: Early believer, Virginia Charles, St. George's.[NL/21.i]

1968: October; as of; Children’s classes in Fontenoy at Millers, 28 attend

1968: October: as of; St. George's Bahá'ís assist teaching  in  Victoria 


1969: April, Ed & Beverlee Miller elected to NSALWVI

1969: May; St. Georges given goal to open St. Davids, Canouan by 4/1970

1969: July: Carriacou is settled by Betty Traylor

1969: August.[?] National institute held in St. George's

1969: November 1: Jeffery Lewis, native Grenadian pioneers to Anguilla.

1969: November 7-10: CBC Osbourne visits, article in "The West Indian"


1970: Early: William and Juliette Soderberg arrive to pioneer. Settle in St. Davids Parish.

1970: Early: Jeffery Lewis returns from Anguilla

1970: April 24: National Conference prior to Convention

1970: April 24-26: National Convention for Leeward, Windward and Virgin Islands held at Quarantine Station.

1970-1 NSA LWVI in Grenada Natl Conv 01_a

 NSA members,  Left to Right:

Seated:  Patricia  Paccassi, Recording Secretary; Beverlee Miller; Henrietta Trutza; Carol Haynes;

Standing: Walter Jackson; Frank Paccassi, Treasurer; Ed Miller, Chairman; Lorana Kerfoot, Corresponding  Secretary, George Howard, Vice Chairman;

(In September. Phil Wood replaces Beverlee Miller in by-election.)  Cable  from convention to UHJ mentions election of 1st West Indian Convention  Chairman. [24/1-UR] 

1970 Grenada Natl Conv 3_a

Left to Right: Winifred Morris, (St Thomas),  Beverlee Miller,  (Grenada),  George Howard (Convention Chairman, St Vincent), Carol Haynes, (Barbados) , Ethel Harris, (St Croix), Frank Paccassi,  (St Thomas)

1970: April 26: Proclamation conference, selected Grenadian leaders invited.

1970: May 10: Ruhiyyih Khanum and Violet Nakhjavani arrive, meet with friends in afternoon, in St. Georges

May 11: Ruhiyyih Khanum and Violet Nakhjavani, Grenadian Lauriston Wilson, meet for 1/12 hour with Dame Hilda Bynoe, Governor General of Grenada.  Evening meeting in Maran, St. John, home of Modeste Bernard.  Ruhiyyih Khanum speaks of teaching the Faith as she assumes the Bernards are Bahá'ís, one week later they enroll.

1970: mid. St. David's opened by William & Juliette  Soderberg. [NL/21.T]

1970: June: NSA appoints first Circuit Teachers,(Jeffery Lewis  incl.)

1970: mid. New Believers: St. George's: Benson Smith; St. John's Ilis Bernard, Mr. Modeste Bernard. [NL/21.S]

1970: July 12: First teaching efforts of Soderbergs in St. Davids, invitations to Martyrdom of the Bab in village, 200 attend, music, dramatic readings (see photo in August, 1970 BNLA)

1970: August, Bahá'í News of Lesser Antilles is now published from Grenada, Millers, publishers.

1970: September. First two local believers are enrolled in St. Davids 13: Enoch Olinga speaks to 150 in St. Davids [PR/22.8] 14:" " speaks at YMCA in Grenville, St.Andrew

1970: September/October: St. David's Parish opened by Soderbergs  [AF/23]

1970: late. New Believers: Leslie Collins, John Rueben. [NL/21.U]


1971: Early. New Believers: Ida McCray, Kenneth Tamer, Julyien Telesford.[NL/21.V]

1971: Early. New Believer: Denroy Matthew Collins.[NL/21.W]

1971: ??? Center is rented in downtown St. Georges meetings  LSA, Tuesdays, study, Wednesdays, discussions Fridays 1971: May: Good media  coverage in "Torch" and "West Indian" on  Convention.


1972: April:  Election 2nd. LSA of Grenville St. Andrews, result efforts of TT's Sealy and Callendar from Barbados.

1972: July 17/August 2(July 14-31?): Mass teaching project, based at Grand-Etang, team from Barbados, Patricia Paccassi, coordinator,  Errol Sealy, Leroy Wharton, and team from Mississippi, USA.  Efforts result in election 4 LSA's; St. Davids, St. Johns, St. Marks, & St. Patricks: all project goals accomplished, 126 new believers. A 30 minute island-wide radio program given by team. [BNWI/1,2] [BE/29.4]

1972 Bruner team plus-2_a
resized_72 Grenada team teaching0001_a

1972: November: Firesides at Ida Mc Cray's [AF/23]

1972: November : Fannings holding children's classes & firesides in St. Mark, Coast Guard Hill, Victoria [AF/23][PR/22.3]

resized_72 Pat Fanning, Laurie Fanning, Terry Madison in Grenada_a

It wasn't all easy,  but it sure was fun  !!  L to R: Pat Fanning, Ida McCray, Laurie Fanning, Terry Madison

1972-3: ?? large night meetings on streets held in various locations, Fannings & visitors from Barbados help.[PR/22.3]

1972-3 Grenada Meetings JPG_a


1972 to 1973: Check for information on Ida Mc Cray's weekly radio program[PR/22.3]


1973: National Convention:

1973: April: LSAs formed in St. David, St. John, St. Mark, St.  Patrick,  & St. Andrew's. Check this, Fannings say all except St. George's formed.

1973: August. CBC Carmen Burafato gives Institute following CBC Conference in Barbados. [BNWI/8]

1973: September 9, Public meeting with S. W. Rennie & Allister  Phillips. [BNWI/10][AF/23]

1973  Mar Grenada_a

1973: October; Peter and Mollie Brine leave for USA.

1973: July; "Musical Happening" in St. George by Shirley Yarbrough and Terry  Madison

1973 Grenada_a
Terry and Shirley_a

 Terry Madison and Shirley Yarbrough 


1975: April; Teaching Project held in St. George, with Selma Joseph. [AF/23]

1975: 26-27 April; National Convention of LWVI.[AF/23]

1975: April; Shamsi Tahirih Dona Joseph named at baby naming ceremony at National Convention. [AF/23]


1976: 22 February; Local Conventions held in 3 parishes. [BNWI/27]

1976: March; Barbara Nurse Winner appointed as ABMA. [BNWI/28][AF/23]

1976: Mid; Graeme Stratton appointed first ABMA by Shirley Yarbrough [BNWI/30]

1976: 18 June; Chairman NSA, Philip Wood, meets with representatives LSAs St. George, St. Andrew. [BNWI/30][AF/23]

1976: Summer; Youth Teaching Program with Connie Didier & Judith Paccassi from Dominica [BNWI/31]


1977: 23-28 March; HND Collis Featherstone meets with dignitaries.

1977: May; Institute with CBC Alfred Osbourne from Panama. [BNWI/34]

1977: Fall; CBC  Rowland Estall meets with friends. [BNWI/38]

1977: Fall; Barbara Winner appointed ABM (1977 to 1988). [BNWI/38]

1977: ???; Jeffery Lewis and Graeme Stratton appointed as ABMAs. [AF/23.3]`

1977: November-April 1978; teaching plan. [AF/23]


1978: January; Death of Erma Bernard. [BNWI/39]

1978: March; Jeffery Lewis reappointed ABMA [PF/25.3ALP]

1978: 20-21 May; National Convention at Carifta Cottages. [BNWI/39,40]


1979: March 4: Graeme Statton speaks on Faith in Grenada at Presbyterian Church by request of Reverend Michael Chandoo. Report. Good quote in US Bahá'í News for July 1979. [PF/25.3ALP] [BNWI/43]

1979: Early; Bernard Family donates parcel of land to Faith. [BNWI/43]

1979. Rídvan; 9 LSAs elected. [Arise/V1#1]

1979: October; Lynn Berry starts children's classes in St. Paul, Continuous classes until Poveys leave the Parish. [PR/22.2]

1979: November; 1st. week, HND Rahmat Muhajir stays in Perdmontemps with Berry family. [PR/22.2]

1979: 2 November; Three LSAs incorporated under "Peoples Law # 82".  Law also allows for further LSAs to be incorporated for any future formation. [See further explanation from Arthur Winner, in email dated 18 Sept. 2012]


1980: January; Island wide conference held.

1980: 28 February; Hermione Vera Keene-Douglas Edwards returns to her native country with husband Julius Edwards,  Knight of Baha'ullah to Northern Territories Protectorate, now Ghana. [PR/22.9]). Settle in Grenville, serving Faith until her death, 19 November 1981. Long distinguished service in Liberia. Cable from UHJ on passing.


Vera and Julius Edwards

1980: March; HND John Robarts makes presentation to Governor General, Sir Paul Scoon, visits Paradise.[BE/22.4]

1980: 9-10 August; Counsellor's Institute with Mr. Alfred Osboune from Panama. [AF/23]

1980: 9 November; Meherangez Munsiff and Gol Aidun arrive. Give radio, newspaper interviews,  Munsiff meets 10 minutes with Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop and  presents book “Baha’i World Faith”. Mrs. Aidun visits St. Mark, St. John.  Mrs. Munsiff addresses Anglican High School. Public meeting held in Grand Anse and Perdmontemps.


1981: January; Message from UHJ with goals for the upcoming formation of the  NSA of the Windward Islands. Specific goals for Grenada is to raise number of LSA's to minimum of 15.   Grenada (accomplished this goal before the NSA was formed).

1981: 22 February; Annual Teaching Conference held at Stratton home.[AF/23]

1981: May; NSA sends representatives here on: 20-24 June Patricia Paccassi; 19 October Al  Segen;  30 November Anthony 'Don' Providence;  and 5 April Shirley  Howard as there is no one from Grenada on the NSA.


Al Segen Visit (standing, back row on left)

1981: 7-12 July; Meeting in St. Davids, 25 enrollments; public meeting in Reguiun-Bellevue-Thiade area; also St. Paul, St. George and Grenville.  Foad and Masejeh Izadina TTP from Panama visit. [AF/23]

1981 Grenada Meeting in St David_a

Izadina Visit 

1981: ????:  Youth deliver Bahá'í News (what areas?).

1981: 29 October; Foreign Minister, Mr. Unison Whiteman presented a booklet on persecutions in Iran by Winners, Izzat  Ghaem-Maghami, Graeme Stratton, & Julius Edwards.

1981: 19 November; Vera Edwards dies. [AF/23]

1981: November; Teaching Project in Grand Anse; Springs; St. George's; Victoria; St, David's.  DTC Report. [AF/23]

1981: December; Youth Conference held. 


1982: Early: Invitation by Anglican Minister to Graeme Stratton to talk about Baha’is in Iran. 15 church members attended. [AF/23]

1982: January; Pilgrimage film shown for 1st. time (places?).

1982: 15 January; Meeting on fund for relief of Iranians.

1982: Early: active youth group

1981 Grenada0001_a

1982: January-May (maybe after); Regular firesides held in Perdmontemps,  Grenville, Paradise, Springs, & St. George.

1982: 28 March; Day of Prayer, written invitations. Check to see if this was initiated by UHJ.

1982: 17-18 April; Teacher training institute held home of Leslie Bernard in St. Mark.

1982: 30 April-2 May; 2nd National Convention Windward Islands held at Carifta Cottages.  Dr. Keith Thorpe, ABM from  Trinidad represented CBC.  Elected NSA: Keith Bloodworth, Chairman; Frank Paccassi, Vice Chairman; Patricia  Paccassi,  Corresponding Secretary; Al Segen, Recording Secretary; Anthony 'Don' Providence, Treasurer,  Paul Elizee, Helen  Delphus,  Stephanie  Bloodworth, & Edith  Johnson.[AF/23.3]

1982 Grenada Natl Convention_a

1982: May; First of series of radio programs on "Radio Free Grenada", Patricia Paccassi, was the speaker.

1982: May 3-7: Teaching project memory/named "Vera Edwards",  coordinated by Lynn Berry, held after National Convention. From the Bahá'í News "ARISE", Vol. 2, #1, May-July 1982.  "A teaching project in the name of Vera Edwards was held in Grenville from 3-7 May, 1982 following National Convention.  The project was based in the home of Mr. Edwards, the husband of the late Mrs. Vera Edwards, who had been an Auxiliary Board  member in Africa. There were 15 people who participated in the project, 11 of whom were from other islands: two from St. Vincent,; two from St. Lucia; three from Dominica; four from the  United States and the rest from Grenada.  There were 31 declarations  in the first four days of teaching in the  town of Grenville and the village of Paradise. There were very well attended nightly firesides with filmstrips, talks, singing, prayers and fellowship. a big public  meeting rounded off the project on the last night. [AF/23] Full report in file .[PF/25.3ALP]

1982: 12 May; Youth fireside held by Springs youth at "Further Education" group in Tanteen.

1982: 4 July; Women’s Conference in St. Georges.  TT Meherangez Munsiff and CBC Ruth Pringle, Barbara Winner main speakers.  [AF/23]  co-coordinated by Lynn Berry. 21  people attended. [PR/22.2][AF/23.3]

1982: July; Public meeting with Meherangez Munsiff. [AF/23.3]

1982: ? September; NSA Representative Stephanie Bloodworth visits LSA's Springs and Perdmontemps.

1982: 26-27 September; Teacher Training Institute in St. George's. [AF/23]

1982: ? October;  Bahá'í Youth delegation (names?) visit Anglican High School and Grenada Boys Secondary School.

1982: 23 October; Spiritual Enrichment Institute in Springs. [AF/23]

1982: ? November;  5 Teacher training institutes held.

1982: 8 November; Mini teaching project brings St. Georges back up to LSA status numbers.

1982: ???: Ruhi Institutes held.

1982: ???: Youth Conferences held ????  Check to see if this was  part of December 1981 youth conference.

1982_December_going_away party_for_Berry_family_a

Dec. 1982 Going away party for the Berrys


1983: Early: Izzat Ghaem-Maghami appointed ABM. [AF/23]

1983: March; Pioneer Deepening Institute. [AF/23.3]

1983: 3 April; Annual Bahá'í Teaching Conference held in Victoria, St. Mark's. [AF/23.3]

1983: 4-13 April; Ruhi Institute held. [AF/23.3]

1983: First half; Radio programs which had been funded by LSA Springs is given free air time, and expands from 5 to 8 min.________________________________________________________________________________________


1983 making radio programs workshop

1983: (should this be in 1982) First half: Presentations made to prominent persons: The Magistrate of St. Paul, Ms. DuBois; President of the trade union Council; Patrick McLeish, Commissioner of  Prisons; Angela Grant, Matron of the Hospital.[AF/23.3]

1983: 3 April; National Teaching Conference held in Victoria, St. Mark, Bernard home; separate programs, adults[35], children[15]

1983: 3-13 April; Ruhi Institute held. ABM's Allison Vaccaro & Shirley Yarbrough conduct with 5 participants.

1983: 29 August-3 September; Summer School. [AF/23.3]

1983: 23 November; Ruth Pringle and ??? present current Bahá'í World to  Mr. Paul Scoon, Governor-General


1984: January 4-6: Winter School [AF/23.3]

1984: April: Rídvan, National Convention forms first NSA of Grenada. (needs  more details) Mr. Khadem, representative of UHJ is ill, CBC Ruth Pringle serves;

1984 Grenada 1st Natl Conv_a

Mother NSA sends Patricia Paccassi, Secretary to open and represent NSA;   First elected NSA: Izzat Ghaem-Magahimi, Jackie Stratton, Graeme  Stratton, Arthur Winner, Barbara Winner, Clifton Joseph, Beverly  Commisoning, Eileen Hill and Jon Bruss.

1984 Grenada 1st NSA_a

 Was the National Haziratu'l-Quds purchased in 1984 ??


NOTE: My goal was to trace the growth and development of the Faith in  the  islands from their beginnings, as far as I could find, up to  the formation of each ones own National Assembly. As  1984 was the formation of the the first NSA of Grenada and information is available from this time on in Grenada, I am using it as the cutoff  date for this research document. The following years will be done by  other researchers.

This document is neither exhaustive nor definitive, we learn as we go, but  what I have, and/or discover, will be changed or addes as necessary.

Hopefully, I can put this material into a form which, through the medium of oral  history, will breathe the life into the bare facts and statistics.  I feel that it is our stories and impressions and feelings that help to convey the enormous process that is taking place in the Bahá'í World  during this period of development. I am only sorry that it was not done  earlier, we have lost so many stories already.

I truly appreciate all the help given to me in this research and can only hope it is helpful to others.  PP...November. 1994

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